Heroes: Hot-Spring Re-Run & Choose Your Legends 4 Interim Results!

As outlined in this month’s Fire Emblem Heroes event calendar, the Hostile Springs banner is back for another run.

Until the daily rollover on 24th February (UTC), Summoners can try to grab relaxation versions of Ryoma, Elise, Sakura and Hinoka. Not quite newsworthy, but I managed to +10 Sakura! Please don’t judge me, I’d love to have a Sakura alt that’s fully clothed.

What is newsworthy is the interim results for Choose Your Legends 4!

Similar to previous years, the official Twitter account shared the results after Day 3 of voting. Listed are the current Top 20 male and female Heroes. At the time of writing, there are 4 more days of voting, so anything could change!

Unsurprisingly, the Top 20 is dominated by characters from the recently released and hugely popular Three Houses. Thanks to consolidated votes, Marth is in with a shot, but it’s hard to tell if he can topple the two House Leaders. RIP Anna though…

Going down the list, Plumeria is an intriguing choice; despite debuting in the latest Book IV chapter, clearly she’s made an impact. Also, it’s reassuring to see Itsuki & Chrom from Tokyo Mirage Sessions hanging in the Top 20, if barely.

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  • I won’t say that people have shit taste since what you like is subjective, though it does feel like most people are either voting for what is fresh or for what activates their groin. Plumeria? Like what.

    My plan was to dump all my votes into Marisa but seeing as Marth has a chance up there I might offer him some.

    • Big Klingy

      The character literally named “Lewd Dream” who’s only appeared once broke into the top 10. My faith in the Heroes fandom is quickly draining.

      Kind of nice to see Jill breaking into the top 20, people do seem to really like her character arc.

    • DivineLion

      3 houses was recent so this is a no brainer.

    • Not gonna lie, I legit forgot we had a Plumeria and thought everyone had gone nuts talking about voting for the Pokemon girl in CYL for a bit. She certainly does raise the question of what exactly the Summoner is dreaming about if it’s her and Triandra keeping them out…

  • Lucky

    Halloween Sakura is fully clothed

    • Sorry, I meant to add in “another” in there ^^;;

  • mrkisukes

    This shouldn’t be much of a surprise. 3Hs has recency bias, and the new OCs like Plumeria usurp the older OCs like Loki. Looking at how things are going down, the house leaders are gonna win, I just hope the alts they get are actually creative and not just them using their main weapons since that could easily just be used for a Legendary alt. For example, Edelgard being an armor tome, Dimitri using a staff, and Claude using a flying sword.

    • Big Klingy

      Isn’t Claude’s “canonical” secondary weapon type axes?

    • Semi Colon Parenthesis

      Recency bias and the fact people demand Three Houses banner. Yea, the new ocs take over because they’re not playable yet.

  • CombatMagi

    Jill is in the top 20 😀
    She unfortunately wont win but maybe she will be like Dorcas, Mia, and Lute and be added in due to her high ranking she is the only old character on the female side that isn’t in the game yet.

  • polaris

    I can’t say I’m surprised, but I’m definitely disappointed. What a waste of a CYL, no variety at all. But really, we all knew it was gonna be like this.

    • Semi Colon Parenthesis

      I mean, like you said “we all knew it was going to be like this”. Majority of the feh/fe community like the modern games more.

    • polaris

      downvotes from new FE babies, about as surprising as this year’s wasted CYL results

      • The downvotes are all from the same person. Don’t take it too hard.

        • Splatoo Blemier

          No proof

          • The burden of proof is not on me, but sure. If we ignore the fact that you all have the same grammar structure and syntax in your posts and that half the downvotes are coming from “guests”, the votes also occur within minutes, if not seconds, of each other. Every time. Statistically that is an impossibility without vote manipulation.

            You’re not really being subtle about it. Learn how to form an argument instead if you disagree with someone. It’s really not that hard.

  • randomtotallyrandom

    Yeah, that’s about what I expected honestly. I actually want a CYL Claude alt, so that’s fun. I’m probably one of the few who really wants a CYL Elincia alt though, so that’s definitely not happening any time soon

    • 3-13 Archer

      Tellius characters have their alts served on a silver plate (hello, timeskip sequel?), yet they only do them for Legendary and Brave banners. All without the trouble that is finding a new voice actor. I actually waited for Queen Elincia before I quited. She must have one of the most beautiful designs in all the franchise.

  • 3-13 Archer

    – How unexpected. Though I thought Hilda was more popular than Lysithea…
    – Even though I absolutely prefer Dimitri and Claude, don’t give up yet, Marth fans!
    – My boy Soren is top 20. Perhaps I should give up on Sephiran and start voting him.
    – Jill top 20 too. She deserves at least being top 10.
    – Mercedes is best TH girl. She doesn’t need a dumb popularity contest to prove it.
    – RIP Nephenee.
    – I don’t know who Plumeria is and couldn’t care any less.
    – The power of memes brought Saiyan Marth to top 20. Why is that thing even allowed?

    • Mason Klaus

      Nope Lys is more popular cause loli though Hilda I’m pretty sure isn’t too far behind.

      • Celica The Holy Princess

        You have no idea how wrong you are for the reason….

        • Wrong or not at least he offers his opinion without resorting to downvoting everyone who says something he doesn’t agree with. 🙂

          • Celica The Holy Princess

            Has nothing to do with being false people are expressing just the same don’t get the smile either.

        • DivineLion

          jesus this downvoting thiing is so obvious when i look at other comments

      • Semi Colon Parenthesis

        I don’t agree, but I won’t deny that’s definitely one reason. From what I’ve seen (and liking her myself) it’s a mix of:
        -being cute
        -cool timeskip design
        -tragic backstory
        -“can kill death knight so op!”
        -everyone gives her Thyrsus

        • Mason Klaus

          True on all those especially the Death Knight part, problem is that you have to hope RNG doesn’t screw her magic over (as unlikely as that might be but it is possible) and she’ll need to be fast enough not to get doubled by the Death Knight in the event that even with the anti-cavalry spell she doesn’t kill him (which is unlikely but you never know). Personally between her and Hilda, I like Hilda just a little more cause it’s rather amusing watching her con whatever she was supposed to be doing to some poor sap thats too enthralled by her cute charm to realize what she’s having them do (most of the time anyways).

          Don’t get me wrong cause Lysithea is great especially as a unit due to her being stupidly strong in the magic department, but in a few of her supports, she’s your typical genius child that has a bad habit of looking down on others though by the time her A rank support comes around she’s calmed down from that thankfully.

  • Mason Klaus

    Not surprised by the Three Houses characters practically crushing the competition. Poor Marth is never gonna get that first (or second) place he so deserves in the male’s division with all these new characters that keep popping up and hell his girlfriend/wife isn’t even IN the top 20 for the Women’s division and thats pretty sad when you think about it. Also this might just be me but I think it’s less Isuki that everyone likes and more Chrom thats attached to him as a “background” partner similar to duo characters.

  • dmurr

    As boring as it is, I kind of hope Three Houses just sweeps for consistency’s sake. It would be nice to get alts for all three house leaders at once. It doesn’t look like it’ll happen but it’d be funny if we got fByleth in there too, because the winners would just be the original Three Houses banner, lol.

  • geck

    lighting a candle for seliph fans as we speak

  • Dusty Davidson

    Someday, Minerva will win! Might take a few years, but I’ll never stop voting.

    • CombatMagi

      I wish you the best.
      Never give up! Never surrender!