Heroes: Hot-Spring Re-Run & Choose Your Legends 4 Interim Results!

As outlined in this month’s Fire Emblem Heroes event calendar, the Hostile Springs banner is back for another run.

Until the daily rollover on 24th February (UTC), Summoners can try to grab relaxation versions of Ryoma, Elise, Sakura and Hinoka. Not quite newsworthy, but I managed to +10 Sakura! Please don’t judge me, I’d love to have a Sakura alt that’s fully clothed.

What is newsworthy is the interim results for Choose Your Legends 4!

Similar to previous years, the official Twitter account shared the results after Day 3 of voting. Listed are the current Top 20 male and female Heroes. At the time of writing, there are 4 more days of voting, so anything could change!

Unsurprisingly, the Top 20 is dominated by characters from the recently released and hugely popular Three Houses. Thanks to consolidated votes, Marth is in with a shot, but it’s hard to tell if he can topple the two House Leaders. RIP Anna though…

Going down the list, Plumeria is an intriguing choice; despite debuting in the latest Book IV chapter, clearly she’s made an impact. Also, it’s reassuring to see Itsuki & Chrom from Tokyo Mirage Sessions hanging in the Top 20, if barely.

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