Heroes: February’s Feh Channel Announces CYL 4 Winners, Upcoming Lovely Gifts Summoning Event, QoL Improvements and More

Greetings, Summoners! It’s that time of year again, in which we get not only another Feh Channel, but the first one of 2020. What does Feh see in store for this one?

In this ~23 minute video, we’re greeted by Fehnix, the Chief of the Sovereign Order of Avian Reporters, Feh’s boss, who is standing in for Feh while she takes a vacation and teaches Xander to swim.

We start with a quick Choose Your Legends 4 winner squad, featuring in the Ladies bracket, winner Edelgard and runner-up Lysithea, and in the Mens bracket, winner Dimitri and runner-up Claude. There wasn’t much else to share, just their placement being confirmed, for their inevitable special version release.

All four pictures of the winners showcased their War Arc artwork, so I’d bet an Orb that their alts will be based on their War Arc appearances. The full results can be seen here.

Do note, that there is quite a bit of history detailed in Fire Emblem Three Houses about all four unit’s lives in particular as youths, so it’s entirely possible that we get a young version, or one with details of their past.

There are a variety of events beginning at the upcoming reset, such as

  • Hero fests
    • Each brings 5 Summoning Tickets

  • 18 Daily Bound Hero Battles
    • Each battle will be available for a day, and will come with a Banner that you can summon the 2 BHB Heroes in

  • Reward Maps
    • 13 of them, which will bring an expected 36 Orbs in total upom completion

  • Guaranteed 5* Special Hero summoning event
    • This will feature all seasonal heroes
    • You cannot pick the Hero to summon, but you can pick the Color to narrow it down

  • A Hero Rises
    • If you’re unfamiliar with the one that ran last year, it is sort of like a popularity contest. The top 8 will be featured in the upcoming A Hero Rises Voting Gauntlet.
      • Vote here!
      • This will be based on winners of the A Hero Rises event
      • The winning Hero will be rewarded to all Summoners for free
      • There is no ‘Bonus’ unit; you can use anyone you’d like


The Valentine’s Event is also being teased, giving us the five special Heroes. There is Duo Hero Alm (with Celica), a special version of Faye, Conrad, Rudolph and finally, a special version of Silque. They will be part of the Lovely Gifts summoning event, and interestingly enough, we have a few twists. The upcoming event will include a 4* Focus Hero, being the special version of Conrad. Silque will also be the Tempest Trials+ event reward unit. Artwork for Alm (with Celica), Faye, Conrad, Rudolf and Silque can be seen by clicking on each name here.

Interestingly, there is a demotion clause which will kick in for all future Special Hero summoning events coming forward, which will include an allowance to one of the Focus heroes to appear as a 4* version at a 3% summoning rate (a pretty big deal).

Their stats and skills were also posted up, which is a pretty rare treat to have. It saves me from typing it all out, which I sure appreciate. The new skills are not detailed, however, so each unit’s custom Weapon skill will not be easy to decipher. Note, that Alm and Rudolf both have buffs, presumably +5 from their Oath and Threaten skills respectively.

The Feh Pass has been announced. What is it? It’s a monthly subscription service for Fire Emblem Heroes, costing $9.49 USD per month, and Summoners can sign up as of February 5.


The subscription will provide Summoners with five perks:

  • Resplendent Heroes
    1. Distributed Heroes will be passed out for free on the 10th and 25th of each month
    2. Resplendent Heroes will be given alternate artwork as they’re distributed, based on Askr, Nifl, or other realms in the FEH universe.
      1. These outfits can be swapped in over the particular unit at any time
    3. All Resplendent Heroes receive +2 to all stats
    4. 2 will be awarded per month
    5. Month 1 features a Resplendent version of
      1. Lyn: Lady of the Plains (in Nifl attire)
      2. Cordelia: Knight Paragon (in Askr attire)

  • Gameplay Enhancements
    1. Special Feh Pass Quests
      1. Pushed out quests will offer big rewards, such as Orbs, Heroic Grails and much more.
    2. Expanded Summoner Supports
      1. Summoner Support bonds can be given to up to 3 Heroes
    3. Re-Act
      1. Allows you to through a settings menu, you can limitlessly restart the previous turn, as long as no units have yet acted on your current turn, even if you Game Over
        1. This cannot be used in Coliseum (Arena, etc) or in Aether Raids.
    4. Auto-Start
      1. If you have enough stamina to play in a map, you can set yourself up to play a map multiple times automatically.
        1. This would be very helpful in Forging Bonds, Tempest Trials+ and in the Training Tower. TT+ will automatically switch to the next teams

Mjolnir’s Strike’s Divine Code items have finally been given a purpose. Divine Codes can be used to create new Heroes. This is all done through the Compile Combat Manuals feature. Currently, there are 2 paths of Combat Manual paths, which will be used. There are ‘Limited Time’ Divine Codes, which can be used for special units. There isn’t too much detailed here, but it looks like we can use Combat Manuals to get a copy of a unit that we didn’t already have, or may have missed, or may just want another of. More details will be explained in the upcoming March 4.3 update details.

At the very end, Fehnix prepared to devour a special 3rd anniversary cake before Effie finds it (yes, he was warned. Lysithea is shown dreaming about the cake, and plenty of fanart from talented FEH artists is displayed in a reel.

That’s all, Suimmoners!

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