Three Houses: Wave 4 DLC Classes Officially Revealed!

With one week to go until Wave 4 of the Three Houses DLC is released, Nintendo and Intelligent Systems have been sharing a lot of tidbits via social media.


The latest morsel is related to the four brand new DLC classes. We already knew about them via data-mining, but now it’s official! The new classes are: Trickster, War Monk/Cleric, Dark Flier and Valkyrie. Awakening fans should recognise all four.

Featured in the screenshots are the Trickster and War Cleric classes. Looking at Ferdinand and Annette’s class lists, it seems our earlier suspicions have been confirmed: both Dark Flier and Valkyrie are female-only classes.

In Cindered Shadows, the four members of the Ashen Wolves will have access to these classes. Yuri will have Trickster, while we’re guessing Balthus will have War Monk, Constance Dark Flier and Hapi Valkyrie.

Trickster has a new Combat Art called “Trick”, which lets the user swap places with an ally within 5 spaces. With this, you can literally trick your way around the battlefield!

These classes can be unlocked in your main story save files after clearing Chapter 1 of Cindered Shadows. They are listed under a new category called “Special” classes. Characters must be Level 20+ and use an Underground Seal to change into these classes.

When you think of Trickster, there’s probably one character that jumps to mind. After clearing Chapter 1 of Cindered Shadows, you’ll be able to change Anna into her Trickster attire! Like other outfit changes, this can be done via “Unit Appearance” in your private quarters.

Additionally, Anna’s portrait during conversations etc. will change to match her new outfit! Classy.

For the benefit of those who don’t follow us on social media, here’s some other info that they shared earlier.

Abyss has shops such as an armory and blacksmith for you to use. But money and ore found in Cindered Shadows is limited, so watch how you spend. You’ll need to monitor your weapons’ durability as you fight. Ore can be obtained post-battle or after armor-breaking large foes.

By the way, the durability of the hero’s relic “Sword of the Creator” will naturally recover during certain points in the story. A fittingly mysterious mechanism for a sword of legend. Even if you avoided using the sword in the main story, please use it to your heart’s content in Cindered Shadows!

For even earlier information, please refer to our previous articles!

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  • mainimi

    They should give Anna supports while they’re at it.

    • We’ve already seen what her supports look like. Spoiler: They’re not very good and boiled down to one gimmick.

      The supports in 3H are far better than in the 3DS games because they’re less interchangeable and more limited. Characters also typically speak to who you’d expect them to speak to. Anna’s existence is essentially a meme and her interacting with the students would delve into Awakening fanfic territory.

      • mainimi

        M8, I’ll be the first one to shit on 3DS games supports, but releasing a character with tea parties and lost items and not making supports for her just seems like poor planning. I don’t want her to support everyone, but at least Byleth like Jeritza.

        • Shenai

          Some with the knights would be feasible too, I assume they spend some times in the marketplace getting supplies, so they may be familiar with her. With the students would seem kind of weird probably.

  • randomtotallyrandom

    I still don’t get why there are so many gender locked classes after they got rid of them in Fates.

    • I like to think that it’s for variation purposes since there’s no traditional class limit.

      • randomtotallyrandom

        It wouldn’t bother me ordinarily, but I wish they didn’t make Dark Flier gender locked. It’s the only flying mage class in the game, and I really don’t understand why they couldn’t have the option for male or female. If they really want to keep the weird pegasus lore, they had the wyvern option for the boys too like with Malig/Revenant Knight. Basically, I’m saying I really wanted to see Dark Flier Sylvain or Hubert

        • It’s Anon-kun now~

          Pegasus’s hate dick.

          That’s why they’re gender locked.

          And that’s why Hubert’s dream will never come true.

    • Dana Zane

      For balance reasons. If War Master is not gender-locked to males, you’ll see stuff like Wyvern Lord Edelgard with Quick Riposte skill from War Master’s class mastery. QR is currently one of the most OP skills in the game as it makes your tanks safe from follow-up attacks and trivialises Attack Speed on enemy phase.

      Gremory being gender-locked to females is only detrimental to Linhardt… he won’t be able to learn that class and get the crucial +1 MOV to help him move further. All the more reason to use Lysithea in your playthrough (and they made it very easy to recruit her on Black Eagles/Crimson Flower route).

  • ManekiNeko

    It’s getting more and more interesting! 😀

    I wonder however if they are going to add other things outside Cindered Shadows’ story, supports and new classes, such as new activities.

    • Doubtful. The DLC seems like a throwback to the linear sensibilities of old FE so I think the things to do outside of each chapter will be limited.

    • If you mean for the main story, there should be more stuff added. Here’s one of our much earlier articles that contains this info:

      But to save you the time, there will be new facilities, activities, gambits, online features, battalions, quests and hero relics. Note that everything listed may be ***singular*** rather than plural (so, just making this up, we could be getting one new activity).

      Also, the “new costumes for Byleth and Sothis” mentioned in the article is referring to the already released Sothis Regalia costume.

  • Arachnofiend

    Well, I can say one thing for sure, these designs are exactly as ugly as they were when they were first introduced in Awakening

  • DarkRPGMaster

    Welp, male mages get shafted again. Was really hoping we’d be able to have men with mounted casters sooner, it’d open a lot more build doors.

    • Shenai

      Dark Knight and Holy Knight?

      • DarkRPGMaster

        Those are Master Classes, and only available from level 30 on. These DLC classes are Advanced Classes, and are unlocked at level 20, a full 10 levels sooner and require less skill proficiency to get into.

        • mainimi

          Not to mention Dark Knight and specially Holy Knight are arguably worse than their Advanced classes (Warlock, Bishop) for most male mages, mobility aside, due to missing Magic Use X2 (which is specially aggravating for Holy Knight, as offensive Faith Magic distribution is way better for girls, who have Grimoire available anyway). Sylvain and Lorenz are arguably the only characters fit to be Dark Knight.

  • Emilio Cornejo

    So the new classes are exclusive to the cindered shadow path?? That sucks so bad

    • NoNameAtAll11

      From the article: “These classes can be unlocked in your main story save files after clearing Chapter 1 of Cindered Shadows. They are listed under a new category called “Special” classes. Characters must be Level 20+ and use an Underground Seal to change into these classes.”

      • Emilio Cornejo

        Which to me means that u need to complete the main story and use new game plus. Also where would u get the underground seal if not exclusively on the cindered shadows playthrough…

        • Semi Colon Parenthesis

          I mean, the Ashen Wolf characters work the same way. Being bonus characters in the main story after completing something.

        • Shadecraft

          They already said there’s new paralogues, so the Underground Seals could be rewards from completing those (In which case we only get 4 or so per playthrough) or it could be a case where they’re bought exclusively from a merchant in the Abyss.

          If the latter is true, simply beating episode 1 gives you a limited number of Underground Seals, while fully beating it could make it unlimited.

        • Nathan Bisbo

          Cindered is a short side game you pick in the main menu and can be played at any time

  • DarkLore

    So money and ore are limited huh? That already makes this more challenging than the main story for sure! I am impressed.
    What with changing Anna’s outfit to Trickster for when you see her in the monastery,
    I do wonder if that means all our units will finally be able to wear their class outfits during exploration.
    I do also hope Anna finally gets supports with at least Byleth. I see no reason why she would have any with anyone else really.