Three Houses: Cindered Shadows 12-Page Feature in This Week’s Famitsu & More DLC Class Tidbts

The next issue of Weekly Famitsu, which releases on 13th February, will have a 12-page feature on the Cindered Shadows side story from Three Houses’s Wave 4 DLC.

To celebrate the occasion, Famitsu has brought over Jun Suemi–who has designed artwork for various classic games, most notably Falcom’s Brandish series–to create a new piece of artwork for the issue’s cover.

Included in the feature will be details on the new characters (presumably the Ashen Wolves and Aelfric), how Cindered Shadows interacts with the main story, plus interviews with the two directors–Toshiyuki Kusaikihara and Genki Yokota.

The preview image shows off the profiles for the four Ashen Wolves students. Of note, it has details of their personal abilities (which are too blurry to read), crests (all “Mystery Crest”) and classes.

As expected, Yuri, Constance, Balthus and Hapi have access to Trickster, Dark Flier, War Monk and Valkyrie respectively. They also have access to Commoner (Yuri and Hapi), Noble (Constance and Balthus) and Thief (Yuri).

For those who don’t follow us on social media, the Japanese Twitter account shared more details about two of the DLC classes.

Dark Flier

A magic-wielding knight who fights astride a jet-black pegasus. A female-only class. When hit by a magic attack during the enemy’s turn, its class ability “Magic Conversion” boosts all its stats by 3 until the end of your next turn. Excellent in maps with many mage-type foes. But since it’s a flying unit, beware of bows!

War Monk/Cleric

A warrior who brandishes their axes and fists with a heart of faith. Class name differs by gender.
Their exclusive combat art “Far-strike” allows them to attack from 1~2 range. Although it consumes weapon durability, it’s a magical attack that scales off Magic. This class can also use healing magic decently well.

Presumably we’ll get details about the final DLC class, Valkyrie, tomorrow or something. For past articles about Cindered Shadows, please start from here.

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