Heroes: New March-April calendar, Hall of Forms event is live, and Resplendent Ike is now available!

Today’s FE Heroes update brings us a new Hall of Forms event. Playable Forma units are from Thracia 776, and include Finn, OG Leif, Sword Reinhardt, and Green tome Olwen.

The event is available from today until the 24th of March 6:59am UTC.

Something new from the previous Hall of Forms is that completing stages will now reward extra red Divine Codes (Ephemera 3) for completing stages, and there are now a total of 25 Stages (up from 20) for you to complete!

A reminder that you are now able to make a one-time purchase of the Forma Souls pack from the in-game shop. It is available for purchase until the 20th of April 7:00am UTC. You can read more about the Forma Souls in a previous update here.

The third Resplendent Hero is now live for subscribers of the FEH Pass, and it’s Ike: Young Mercenary!

Purchase the pass before the 25th of March 6:59am UTC to receive a 5-Star copy of Ike and the ability to change his art and voiced lines, along with the +2 increase to all his stats.

You can click on “Read more” below to see artwork for the upcoming Resplendent Hero coming on the 25th of March 7:00am UTC: Sophia: Nabata Prophet!

Also today, a new calendar was released for the month of March and beginning of April. You can click on “Read more” below to view it. There is also a text version underneath listing all events individually that Vincent kindly compiled.

In-game calendar for March-April 2020

Dates Name Type
Now ~ 12th March Special Heroes Revival: Greil’s Devoted Summoning
Now ~ 14th March Special Heroes Revival: Love Abounds Summoning
Now ~ 18th March Grand Hero Battle ~ Flame Emperor: Bringer of War Event
Now ~ 18th March Coliseum Quests Quests
Now ~ 19th March Forging Bonds: Harmony amid Chaos Event
Now ~ 19th March New Heroes Log-In Bonus Log-In Bonus
Now ~ 19th March Compile CMs Log-In Bonus Log-In Bonus
Now ~ 19th March Special Orb Promo: March Edition Other
Now ~ 30th March New Heroes: Harmony amid Chaos Summoning
Now ~ 28th April Compile: Divine Code: Ephemera 3 Other
10th ~ 23rd March Hall of Forms Event
10th March ~ 20th April Forma Soul Pack Other
11th March ~ 10th April AHR 2020 Finals Winner Gift Other
11th ~ 20th March Summoning Focus: New Power Summoning
13th ~ 26th March Sharena Quests Quests
14th ~ 19th March Grand Conquests Event
17th ~ 29th March Summoning Focus: Tempest Trials+ Summoning
17th ~ 29th March Tempest Trials+ Log-In Bonus Log-In Bonus
18th March ~ Unknown Special Heroes Summoning Event Summoning
18th ~ 31st March Special Heroes Log-In Bonus Log-In Bonus
19th ~ 29th March Bound Hero Battle: Edelgard & Dimitri Event
19th ~ 29th March Summoning Focus: Bound Hero Battle Summoning
20th ~ 29th March Tempest Trials+ Event
21st ~ 26th March Summoning Focus: Heroes with Aerobatics Summoning
23rd March ~ 5th April Special Heroes Revival: Regal Rabbits Summoning
25th March ~ 7th April Special Heroes Revival: Hares at the Fair Summoning
26th March ~ Unknown Lost Lore Event
27th March ~ 2nd April Summoning Focus: Heroes with Even Wave Skills Summoning
28th March ~ 10th April Voting Gauntlet Log-In Bonus Log-In Bonus
30th March ~ 5th April Grand Hero Battle Revival ~ Death Knight: The Reaper Event
30th March ~ 12th April Special Heroes Revival: Spring Festival Summoning
31st March ~ 9th April Mythic Heroes Summoning Event Summoning
31st March ~ 9th April Mythic Hero Battle Event
1st ~ 6th April Voting Gauntlet Event
2nd April ~ Unknown Encore! Illusory Dungeon: Summer of Heroes Event
3rd ~ 9th April Summoning Focus: Heroes with Orders Skills Summoning
5th April ~ Unknown Cavalry Mastery Quests Quests
6th ~ 11th April Bound Hero Battle Revival: Jeorge & Gordin Event
8th April ~ Unknown New Heroes Summoning Event Summoning
8th April ~ Unknown Forging Bonds Event
8th April ~ Unknown New Heroes Log-In Bonus Log-In Bonus
8th April ~ Unknown Special Orb Promo: Spring Other
8th April ~ Unknown Special Orb Promo: April Edition Other
10th April ~ Unknown Summoning Focus: New Power Summoning

Resplendent Sophia: Nabata Prophet artwork (click image to enlarge in a new tab)

About the Author: Raven
I guess I should put something here.
  • CombatMagi

    I really like Sophia’s new design, very Shamen/Dark Mage. Also new bunny heroes in about a week and probably no new heroes until April. Whats people guess on if there will be a Easter hero that isn’t in the game yet? If anyone Imma guess …Dorothea as a random guess.

  • Apophis324

    I had so hoped (against better judgement) that they wouldn’t add more Special Heroes for a year and instead would focus on the three years that we already have. It’s getting more and more impossible to get them all without paying. But eh, money is always more important.

    • Semi Colon Parenthesis

      Are you talking about Resplendents? They’re just skins. Granted they give +2 to all stats, but they did say they’d release one every month.

      • CombatMagi

        I think Apophis is talking about the holiday heroes coming up on the 18th

      • Apophis324

        No no, as CombatMagi pointed out, I meant the seasonal ones ^ -^. The Spring heroes coming up, which probably all will be bunnies again, because that’s apparently the only thing spring/Easter. More women in uncomfortably tiny outfits that they themselves don’t even want to wear~! *not serious*
        And just too many to collect. That too.

    • VanguardRaven

      They will never stop doing seasonals. It prints money.

  • CombatMagi

    So something I just noticed is there is a Resplendent Heroes section in the shop now. Assumedly if you don’t want to pay the 10 bucks a month for Feh Pass you can instead by the previously released skins (and assumedly a unit) for $5 each. Or maybe you just want to pick and choose your favorite units and don’t care about any of the others. It’s nice that access is still available after their release.

    • I think you can only buy the old Resplendents if you have an active FEH Pass, actually. It’s also a way to get assured extra copies of…well, at this point just Galeforce fodder.

      • CombatMagi

        Well it gave my roommate’s account the option to buy it. I didn’t go all the way through with it as I’m just keeping it up to date with the daily stuff while he is enjoying his vacation. So I dunno if it would have tried to stop me for him not having the pass but to be honest that would be bad design I feel.

        • VanguardRaven

          When you select the Resplendent you want, it says in red text at the top “Feh Pass required to purchase.”

          • CombatMagi

            Ah see I didn’t actually click it. Interesting though I guess if you eventually want a certain unit it will cost you $15 instead of $5. I dunno seems like it be smarter for them not to do that.