Fire Emblem Cipher Series 20 Release!

The Series 20 expansion of the Fire Emblem Cipher trading card game has officially launched in Japan! Fans can pick up boxes of the latest booster, The Guiding Hand of Dawn, and collect all-new cards of characters from FatesPath of Radiance, and Radiant Dawn. For fans overseas, boxes may be imported via AmiAmi.

Card artwork of Ike and Micaiah from Radiant Dawn, as shared by the artist Senri Kita on their personal Twitter account.

To commemorate the release, we’ll be taking a tour of all 100+ cards releasing with this set, as well as reviewing other information alongside the release.

Booster Pack: The Guiding Hand of Dawn

Super Rare (SR) cards

Super Rare Plus (SR+) cards

Rare (R) cards

Rare Plus (R+) cards

Note: The Medallion is the only R+ card released this set.

High Normal (HN) cards

Normal (N) cards

Hero Rare (HR) cards

Booster box bonuses

Note: Each booster box of The Guiding Hand of Dawn will include only one item of each of the three categories.

Launch campaign event

Starting for a limited time, purchasing any Cipher booster box from participating retailers (including AmiAmi) will present buyers with one of three can badges of either male Corrin, female Corrin, or Micaiah.

Fire Emblem Cipher: Matte Card Sleeves Collection – Volume 22 by Movic

Launching alongside Series 20 are official 65-packs of card sleeves featuring select Cipher card artwork. Pick any of these up to protect your precious cards in a favorite design.

Nintendo Dream Byleth promo


Can’t get enough Cipher? Pick up Nintendo Dream magazine’s latest issue which is just about to hit shelves, and you will find two copies of an exclusive promo card of female Byleth enclosed. The issue is available to order now via Amazon JP, which ships internationally.

Note: At the time of this writing, female Byleth is the only known magazine promo for the current Cipher series. We will get back to you later if we learn of any more!

Series 20 pack battles

Players in Japan can stop by card shops nationwide to participate in pack battle events to commemorate the launch of the new set. Pack battles are a different format of Cipher games which mimic the common sealed deck style employed by other trading card games: you battle only with fresh new packs! Try out one of these events and you can take home this pack battle marker card and other special cards.

What’s next for Cipher

Promo Pak 20

Starting April, card shops will begin distributing the next wave of promo cards for tourney participants. In case you missed it, here’s who they are!

The national qualifiers

Kicking off in April, Intelligent Systems will host the second half of their national qualifiers to see which qualifying Cipher players have what it takes to prove they’re the best around. There are various dates and venues planned across a number of weeks, and at each site, participants will be gifted these promo cards of Peony and Triandra. Non-qualifiers are also welcome to join later to play in what’s called a Quest Battle Party side event and be gifted a can badge of Peony.

Series 21 coming this June

Card artwork of Hector (and Lilina) from Blazing Blade, intended for a future booster card in Series 21.

Cipher will continue this summer with the release of a new booster featuring characters from Three HousesBinding BladeBlazing Blade, and Heroes. You can read our latest report about it here.

If you are already intent on picking up a box, it is available for pre-order on AmiAmi.

All-Stars 2 for Series 22

Later this year, Cipher will release a future booster featuring practically every Fire Emblem title imaginable, just like the previous Series 17. No characters have been announced at this time, but it’s been commented that some new faces will show up. Stay tuned!

That concludes our report about the latest from Fire Emblem Cipher. For those waiting on their boxes, good luck on your pulls! Feel free to visit our forums to talk about Cipher if you have any questions or are looking to share your love for the card game!

Fire Emblem Cipher’s newest booster expansion set, The Guiding Hand of Dawn, is available now from Japan!

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