Heroes: Tempest Trials+: Full-Bloom Bout is now live!

Today in FE Heroes, you can now begin your Tempest Trials+ grind!

As usual, you can earn the usual rewards of materials such as Feathers, Coins, etc. but the biggest rewards (along with the score needed) are as follows:

  • 1,000: 4-Star Spring Bartre
  • 6,000: Ephemera 3 Divine Codes x 50
  • 10,000: Def Feint 1 Sacred Seal
  • 15,000: 5-Star Spring Bartre
  • 20,000: Death Blow 1 Sacred Seal

It seems that from now on for all Tempest Trials we will receive 2 Sacred Seals and 50 Ephemera (red Divine Codes) instead of 3 Sacred Seals.

The event is from today until the 30th of March 6:59am UTC.

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