Dragalia Lost: Fire Emblem Heroes Crossover Returns on 19th April & New Event in Late April!

Last year, Dragalia Lost–a mobile game developed by Cygames and Nintendo–had a big crossover event with Fire Emblem Heroes.

During Dragalia Lost’s 1 and a half year anniversary video, it was announced that the FEH crossover event would be returning on 19th April (or 20th April depending on your time zone), which is just in time for Fire Emblem’s 30th anniversary!

To celebrate the re-run, the four Fire Emblem Adventurers introduced last year (Fjorm, Marth, Alfonse and Veronica) will receive unlocked Mana Spirals. Upgrading their Mana Spirals will increase their maximum Level and improve their stats and abilities.

There was also one more surprise… In addition to the re-run, there will be a second, brand new crossover event, coming later in April. At the moment, there are no further details, but if the first crossover was anything to go by, it’s gonna be worth the wait!

Of note, like the previous crossover, it’s described as a crossover with Fire Emblem Heroes, the mobile game, not the series in general. The previous event focused on the FEH original characters, although it did include Marth–the series’s poster boy.

As such, it’s probably to safe to assume the new event will have a similar focus. Could we see Book III’s leading lady Eir, as a parallel to Fjorm in the first event? Will Loki, who appeared as a NPC in the first event, be playable this time around?

More importantly, this would be a great chance to include a dragon in this game that’s all about the bonds between humans and dragons. If they wanted to go for something iconic or old school, there’s Tiki. But honestly, there’s plenty of dragons they could choose.

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