Heroes: Special 8-bit Feh Channel & Upcoming Brave Lyn Starter Pack

Following the scheduled maintenance for Fire Emblem Heroes, the much anticipated Feh Channel is now available, except it’s probably not quite what you expected!

To celebrate the Fire Emblem series’s 30th anniversary on 20th April, Feh has returned to her roots, with a 8-bit version of Feh Channel. On this occasion, there isn’t actually much (if any) news to share. However, f you can get past that, just sit back and enjoy the show.

Or if you just want the info, please skip ahead to the bottom of this post!

In other news, the current Black Knight starter pack will be replaced by a new starter pack once the next version update is live. This new pack will include an obtainable Brave Lyn in place of the enigmatic knight. Summoners who bought the first pack can still buy the new one.

Feh Channel?

It seems for a limited time, there will be 8-bit special maps available to challenge. Completing these on Normal, Hard and Infernal difficulty will unlock 8-bit versions of the Askran trio as accessories.

On top of that, between 1st April and 14th April 2020 (PST), there will be a special Log-in Bonus where you can receive 8-bit Feh and Fehnix as accessories. Presumably there will be other gifts as well?

Judging by the timing, there’s a good chance this is an April Fool’s joke. Although it seems kind of early?

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