Fire Emblem Cipher to see its conclusion October 2020

The project team behind the Japanese trading card game Fire Emblem Cipher has officially announced that the Series 22 booster coming this October will be the very last expansion to ever release, ending Cipher‘s five-year run since it started in 2015.

In a few hours from now, Intelligent Systems will host a livestream (which you may watch here) to discuss their remaining forthcoming events to be held this year in further detail. Additional details from this show will be reported in a new post later today. For now, this page appears to list all of the main events to come and when they will happen:

  • Across Japan! Exchange Tour — June-October 2020 (to be held at seven venues)
  • 3rd Hero-King Grand Prix — August 2020 (note: this was originally scheduled for March, but was canceled due to public health concerns)
  • The National Qualifiers — November 2020 (note: this series of events was originally scheduled for April-May, but appears to have been delayed)
  • The National Championship Finals — December 2020 (note: like the qualifiers, this too is traditionally held earlier in the year)
  • Everyone’s Cipher Meeting — December 2020 (a banquet-type event for Cipher and Fire Emblem fans)

For fans interested in ordering up the newest booster boxes from overseas, we can recommend AmiAmi as a vendor:

  • Series 19 (Three Houses and Genealogy of the Holy War)
  • Series 20 (Fates, Path of Radiance, and Radiant Dawn)
  • Series 21 (Three Houses, Binding Blade, Blazing Blade, and Heroes)

Stay tuned later today for a recap of today’s show.

About the Author: Prince of Iris
A longtime Fire Emblem fan with a passion to make things better for everyone. Enjoys playing the FE Cipher TCG and having his favorite units in FE Heroes inherit every skill he can get his hands on. You can find him on Twitter.