Fire Emblem Expo II canceled due to public health concerns

Intelligent Systems has announced that the Fire Emblem Expo II event, which was originally scheduled for May 5th and May 6th of this year, has unfortunately been canceled.

The reason for the fan-focused convention’s closure is shared with no room for speculation: that it is to help prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus pandemic and their priority of consumer health and safety.

Fans from everywhere would gather in full force to attend the Fire Emblem Expo festivities such as music concerts and stage dramas, spurring worry in the midst of worldwide public health concerns. Photo from Intelligent Systems.

This update follows after many other real-world events across the globe, including those associated with the Fire Emblem Cipher trading card game in Japan, have taken similar countermeasures in light of the dangers, so news of cancellation or postponement has been speculated by fans for some time.

It is today that Intelligent Systems finally addresses those concerns, and is now offering refunds to those who ordered tickets to attend the two-day event. The Zepp Tokyo venue will ultimately not be open for anyone to attend, and the dates will pass as any other during this year of Fire Emblem‘s 30th anniversary.

Despite this news, all is not entirely lost. It was also shared that the various merchandise which would have been sold at the location, ranging from Elwind tome pouches to Keepsake Ring replicas, will become available for purchase on the official Fire Emblem Online Shop at a later date. For an overview of all the Expo II merchandise, you can check our write-up here.

Speaking of merchandise, one particular item inspired by the event has been available for a while and is still sold at vendors as we speak: the Fire Emblem Premium Arrange II album, a soundtrack CD of select music performances which would have been played live at Expo II’s concert. For anyone interested in importing this item for their enjoyment, we can recommend sites such as AmiAmi or CD Japan. Fun fact: One of its tracks is exclusive to the very CD!

Following the announcement of Cipher’s discontinuation earlier in the week, we understand that these can be trying times to be a Fire Emblem fan, especially on a year meant to be a landmark for the series’ 30th anniversary. Let’s hope that the rest of what this year may have in store will make up for them.

About the Author: Prince of Iris
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