Fire Emblem Expo returns early May with free online rerun, stage dramas, and online merch

Update: May 3rd, 1:50 PM PT  — Revisions to the set list have been amended in this article.

Update: May 2nd, 2:39 PM PT — Details regarding the stage dramas have been amended in this article.

The official Fire Emblem series homepage, Fire Emblem World, updated its staff blog today with an important message regarding the Fire Emblem Expo II event, which was recently canceled due to public health concerns.

In the blog update, Expo producer Tsutomu Kitanishi from Intelligent Systems shares forthcoming plans to take place in light of the cancellation. As it turns out, fans will be able to have an Expo-like experience next month after all!

The most exciting plan of note is that in place of this year’s Expo II concert and stage dramas, last year’s Expo performances will be available to watch online to everyone for free. This includes all the musical performances of various songs from throughout the Fire Emblem series, the stage drama Converging Radiance and Dawn: An Interlude Tale based on the setting of Path of Radiance, and an extra performance of the song The Edge of Dawn (Seasons of Warfare) from Three Houses by vocal artist Caro.

This online presentation will be available for viewing on demand for only one week, running from May 1st at 2:00 AM PT to May 7th at 1:59 AM PT. The dedicated web page which will host the event has not been released yet, but once it has, we will be sure to share it before showtime.

For your convenience, here is the set list of performances you will be able to watch from the comfort of your own home in early May, in the order provided above:

Set List (Emcee: Michihiko Hagi)

  • End of the Holy War – Genealogy of the Holy War
  • Beneath a New Light (Roy’s Courage) – The Binding Blade
  • Companions – The Blazing Blade
  • Determination – The Sacred Stones
  • With Mila’s Divine Protection – Echoes: Shadows of Valentia
  • What Lies at the End – Echoes: Shadows of Valentia
  • Id (Purpose) – Awakening
    (performed by Yū Kobayashi)
  • Trouble! (Classic) – Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light
  • Battle Medley
    • Blessing of the Eight Generals I – The Blazing Blade
    • Raydrik Battle – Thracia 776
    • Strike! (Classic) – Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light
    • The Devoted – Radiant Dawn
    • Against the Black Knight – Path of Radiance
    • Dark Emperor – Mystery of the Emblem
  • Recruitment Medley
    • Come, Join Us (Classic) – Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light
    • Recruitment – Genealogy of the Holy War
    • Comrades – The Sacred Stones
    • With Us! – Path of Radiance


  • Converging Radiance and Dawn: An Interlude Tale
    Ike (played by Michihiko Hagi)
    Soren (played by Ayumu Murase)
    Titania (played by Miho Miyagawa)
    Micaiah (played by Natsuko Kuwatani)
    Sothe (played by Junji Majima)


  • Eternal Bond – Radiant Dawn
  • Dusk Falls – Fates
    (performed by Kawamura Yumi)
  • Lost in Thoughts All Alone (JP) – Fates
    (performed by Kawamura Yumi)

Secret Concert

  • The Edge of Dawn (Seasons of Warfare) (JP) – Three Houses
    (performed by Caro)


  • Fire Emblem Theme (Heroic Origins) – Heroes
    (performed by Kawamura Yumi)

Mr. Kitanishi points out that this availability will run over the original Expo II event dates of May 5th and May 6th, and hopes fans can use this new alternative to have an enjoyable time together.

And that’s not all! During that same week, the all-new drama stories will be published online, so anyone can read them. Though fans won’t be able to listen to the voice actors playing their part, the scenarios will still manage to enter the public eye.

The Three Houses drama, starring Claude, Dorothea, Felix, and Ignatz will be posted on May 5th, while May 6th is the date fans can start reading the Awakening drama starring Lucina and Gerome, or the Path of Radiance drama starring Ike and Mist. Keep your eyes peeled on the Expo II official site to see when and where they will be up to read.

Note: All three aforementioned dramas will only be officially published until May 18th at 12:59 AM PT, according to the Expo II official site.

As an update on the online sales of the Expo II event merchandise, they are all available to purchase starting today via their official online shop (you can read our overview of each product here). Buying ¥1,000 or more worth of these specific items will bundle the exclusive Fire Emblem Cipher promotional card of Edelgard from Three Houses while supplies last.

Of note, there is now a special bundle of select items for sale (pictured above), some originally meant for premium seats or just given away to anyone, sold as the commemorative set. It includes the pin cushion, flavored candy in a specially designed bag, and the 3-set armory collection mini of the Aymr, Areadbhar, and Failnaught weapons from Three Houses. This specific bundle, along with its individual pieces, is the only one with a short-term sales period, only up for sale until May 18th.

Some merchandise which was originally announced for sale or distribution at the Expo II event will unfortunately not be sold online, mostly due to a previous circumstance involving production issues. A special ticket themed after Expo II for S or SS tier seats is the one outlier we’ve found without a known reason for its unfortunate disappearance.

In other news, for anyone who already bought tickets, refunds are still open and will be available until May 18th. The procedure can be handled at either Lawson or Mini Stop convenience stores and instructions can be found here (as given by the Expo II official site).

The Fire Emblem Expo II event may have gone by the wayside (Mr. Kitanishi was really hoping to enjoy teatime with Raphael from Three Houses!), but it’s apparent that Intelligent Systems understands the feelings of the fans and are gracious enough to give this wondrous opportunity to have the next best thing. We encourage any fan of Fire Emblem to at least check out the concert online once it’s live in a few more weeks!

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