Dragalia Lost: Chrom, Tiki and Peony Confirmed for Upcoming Fire Emblem “Kindred Ties” Event!

Nintendo and Cygames have shared a new trailer for the second Dragalia Lost x Fire Emblem Heroes crossover event, dubbed “Kindred Ties”. This event will begin on 30th April (UTC) or 29th April (PST).

As we learned earlier, Sharena will be joining as a free Adventurer, like Alfonse in the first crossover event. Meanwhile, the Adventurers that you can summon are Chrom (from Awakening), Tiki (from Mystery of the Emblem etc.) and Peony (from FE Heroes).


We don’t have any detailed info about them right now, but from the looks of things, Sharena is a Light-attuned Lance wielder, Peony is a Light Wand user, Chrom is a Fire Sword (like his ancestor), while Tiki seems to be a Water Dagger.

Similar to Loki in the first event, it appears that Thorr will be making an appearance as an important story NPC.

The event will feature the return of defensive battles, where you must defend a location against waves of enemies. Unlike the re-run of the first event, co-op play will be available. Also, there’s a new field skill that lets you attack foes with ballistae.

Besides that, there will be boss battles against the newly added Adventurers. If they’re anything like the battles with Alfonse and Veronica in the first event, get ready for a real challenge! That said, it’s hard to tell with the amount of buffs that have been added as of late.

New to this event is the Coliseum mode, which is clearly inspired by the Fire Emblem games. You’ll face off against Adventurers from Dragalia Lost‘s cast such as Lea (shown above) and you may even have to fight multiple Adventurers at once (like Naveed and Verica).

To further encourage players to participate in the event, there are a ton of event-exclusive rewards. These include Sharena’s Fensalir and Marth’s Exalted Falchion weapons (yay, Marth can finally equip his own weapon). wyrmprints and cute stickers!

As hinted, there will be two summoning events for Kindred Ties. Part 1 begins when Kindred Ties begins, on 29th/30th April. It will feature Chrom and Peony as limited-time Adventurers. Part 2, which begins on 3rd/4th May will feature Tiki as a limited-time Adventurer.

Please note that there is no overlap between these two summoning events (so you can’t summon for Chrom or Peony in Part 2). Splitting banners has been common practice in Dragalia, likely after players complained about too many featured 5-star Adventurers in a single banner (like the original FE Heroes one).

Last, but not least, to promote the event, there’s a Retweet campaign going on.

Depending on the number of retweets of the tweet shown above or the equivalent Japanese one, all Dragalia Lost players can receive in-game items such as honey (to replenish stamina), a Champion’s Testament (to upgrade Adventurers) and wyrmite (for summoning etc.).

Furthermore, 3 extremely lucky players will receive 60 fully-unbound 5-star dragons. Which is a major (if slightly overkill) power boost! In addition to retweeting the specified tweet, players must also follow the official Twitter account for a chance to win this lofty prize.

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