Heroes: Next Legendary Hero is Post Time-skip Edelgard!

The next Legendary Hero to appear in Fire Emblem Heroes isn’t a surprise but an inevitability: it’s Edelgard in her post time-skip outfit from Three Houses!

If you haven’t made significant progress in Three Houses, it might be a good idea to skip the trailer, but it’s probably going to be difficult to avoid spoilers at this point…

Edelgard’s Legendary banner will be available between 30th April 2020 and the daily rollover on 6th May 2020 (UTC).

Accompanying Edelgard are the following:

  • Red: Legendary Ryoma, Legendary Marth and Hrid
  • Blue: Naga, Duo Ephraim and Tsubasa
  • Green: Nagi and Legendary Celica
  • Colourless: Eir, Silque and Larum

For a breakdown of Edelgard’s abilities (and if you don’t mind spoilers), please continue reading.

Edelgard: Flame Emperor

Type: Green Axe Armour
Affinity: Fire (Pair Up)
Voice: Tara Platt
Artist: HACCAN

Weapon: Aymr – Grants Atk +3. If unit is not adjacent to an ally, inflicts Atk/Def -6 on foe during combat and foe cannot make a follow-up attack.
Special: Bonfire
A: Atk/Res Solo 3
B: Raging Storm – If unit initiates combat, grants another action to unit if unit is not adjacent to an ally after combat. (Once per turn. If skill that moves unit after combat is used, references unit’s position after that movement occurs.) If foe uses dragonstone or beast damage and unit is not adjacent to an ally, unit makes a guaranteed follow-up attack.
C: Armored Stride 3 – At start of turn, if unit is not adjacent to an ally, unit can move 1 extra space. (That turn only. Does not stack.)

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  • Big Klingy

    Edelgard: “The title of Emperor falls to House Hresvelg. However, that legacy ends with me.”
    Azure Moon, Verdant Wind and Silver Snow players: “Very poor choice of words.”

    • Lilty501

      Silver Snow road never exist for me :p

      • Big Klingy

        It was what the developers wrote first.

        • Lilty501

          Yeah, I know… but like many people, for me this story never exist, Edelgard’s story could have been longer with more cutscenes without this fu***ng story 🙁

  • Angel Verlo

    So Edelgard gets two alts before Claude and Dimitri get one?

    • Big Klingy

      I personally don’t count the Flame Emperor, since they’re kind of representing pre-release Flame Emperor, back when they were marketing them as a separate character. (And they actually improved her voice filter for Heroes to hide her identity better)

      Thing is, we KNOW she’s going to get a swimsuit alt eventually. Which is going to be awkward on several levels.

      • DL

        how is that going to be awkward?

        • Big Klingy

          1. She hates swimming, based on the advice box.
          2. Given her backstory, it’d imagine she’s badly scarred in some way. I doubt they’ll actually show that.
          3. She’s a major antagonist on most paths, so it’d be kind of like giving Rudolf, the Black Knight or Walhart a swimsuit alt.

          • Lilty501

            Wait… I agree with you for your first and second point but third… She is a Lord ( The most complex in her personality too ). One of the great heroes from FE16. Not Rudolf, not Black Knight, not Walhart.

            But yeah… I hate ” Waifu Emblem ” so…

          • VanguardRaven

            did someone say swimsuit burger king

            sign me the fuck up

      • Lilty501

        Erf … Waifu Emblem … Why FE fell in it since Awakening 🙁

  • CombatMagi

    Interesting I figured the Post timeskip was going to be the Brave alts for the house leaders but apparently not. I wonder what goofy thing they will do then. Also probably going to be Claude and Dimitiri the next two Legendary Heroes which will lead into End of July/August which is approximately when the Brave Heroes come out.

    • Markus Schmidt

      Hmm… I don’t know. Eventually yes, but we never got Xander after Ryoma either. They might just come with a normal banner like MaleGrima. IS doesn’t really stick to patterns with legendarys. Edelgard is probably just lucky to get more alts in general.

      I DO agree though that this means Bave designs will be something more creative and goofy^^

    • Lilty501

      Brave Edelgard = Edelgard Emperor class, I think.

  • Rey

    Yeah, they should have gone with a different title, it’s a very unnecessary spoiler….

    • Big Klingy

      It’s her actual epilogue title though, and Heroes tends to always use those where possible.

  • dmurr

    They should’ve put Edelgard in Smash Bros. instead of Byleth.

    • DL

      nah Dimitri

      • Lilty501

        Edelgard and Dimitri in SSB5 instead of Byleth, yeah.

    • Brack Carmony

      Claude is better than those authoritarian nightmares.

  • 100%B-Type

    Funfact: her title in german is: Kaiserin von Adrestia. Empress of Adrestia in englisch.

  • Lilty501

    Great, my favorite Lord from FE ( and maybe Sigurd and Dimitri after reflexion ) 🙂

    I hope she is good in this spin-off like in FE16 🙂