Heroes: Edelgard Legendary Banner and Hero Battle now available, and Golden Week Events are coming soon!

Today’s Heroes update brings us the Edelgard: Flame Emperor Legendary Hero Summoning Event, along with her Legendary Hero Battle!

You can view our previous news post regarding the banner if you wish to see who is joining Edelgard on the banner.

Nintendo Newsletter subscribers will also be aware of upcoming Golden Week Events!

The newsletter states that during the event, players will earn up to 20 Orbs, 15 free summon tickets, as well as access to 5x EXP & SP, “and more“!

About the Author: Raven
I guess I should put something here.
  • Zog58

    15 summon tickets sounds suspiciously like Hero Fests of the three CYL banners. That’s fine with me!

  • Nicholas Antônio

    Oooh, 15 free summon tickets?!

    • VanguardRaven

      Last year’s Golden Week had 10 free summon tickets for 2 Hero Fest CYL banners. It could be the same this year, but with 3 CYL banners.