Heroes: Silhouettes for May’s Special Heroes!

It feels like it’s been a long time since the last ones, but we finally have the silhouettes for the next batch of Special Heroes, arriving on 20th May 2020 (UTC).

According to Feh, these Heroes are wearing “(breathtakingly) beautiful outfits”, which is pretty dang vague. That said, going by the timing, these are probably our wedding-bound Heroes. In any case, we should find out their identities very soon!

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  • CombatMagi

    Huh they actually did a really good job with the silhouette this time. Outside of the little tassel bits near the bottom which makes me think maybe some sort of Hosidan wedding garb perhaps I have no guesses atm.

    • Rozalind Stellar

      Pretty sure it’s Hoshido, yeah. The right silhouette is reminiscent of Japanese traditional wedding gowns.

      • CombatMagi

        Yeah a lot of people are guessing Hinata for the left one and a huge call for the right to be Say’ri but that looks more Sakura to me personally if only because it looks like to the right of the head there is a collar and Sakura outfit usually has that. We should find out tonight though.

        • Apophis324

          As long as they have an excuse to hoist Camilla in a wedding gown…

  • CombatMagi

    Well I’ll admit I did not see that coming. Also I’ve done the supports between the two Hosidan people I never got the “destined” vibe from them as I did the other two pairs.