Heroes: “Book IV Midpoint” Trailer Features Awakening Surprises and Mythic Mirabilis!

A new trailer for Fire Emblem Heroes, “Book IV Midpoint”, has been released–and it’s full of surprises, including new Heroes from Awakening, Mythic Hero Mirabilis and a glimpse into the second half of the Book IV story!

The upcoming “Book IV Midpoint” summoning event will feature Anna from the tough-as-nails Apotheosis DLC map, Say’ri (who will be voiced in Japanese-only for the time being), Mustafa the honourable Plegian general and Mirabilis, who was recently introduced to Book IV.

“Book IV Midpoint” debuts on 5th June 2020 (UTC). Mustafa will also be available as a 4-star Focus Hero. Meanwhile, Mirabilis “may or may not appear” in future summoning events, but we’d be very surprised if they don’t rotate her during the end-of-month Legendary/Mythic banners.

In addition, Gangrel: Plegia’s Mad King will appear in Grand Hero Battles from 6th June (UTC). Furthermore, Emmeryn: Gentle Exalt will also be obtainable, although details were not provided. You can check both of them out via the Meet some of the Heroes mini-website.

For a text breakdown of the featured characters, please continue below!

Anna: Secret Seller

Type: Blue Lance Infantry
Voice: Karen Strassman
Artist: kaya8

Weapon: Apotheosis Spear – Grants Spd +3. Unit can move to a space adjacent to an ally within 2 spaces. At start of combat, if foe’s HP >= 75%, grants Atk/Spd 5 to unit during combat.
Assist: Rally Atk/Spd+
A: Atk/Spd Form 3
B: Atk/Spd Ruse 3
C: Joint Drive Spd – Grants Spd +4 to allies within 2 spaces during combat. If unit is within 2 spaces of an ally, grants Spd +4 to unit during combat.

Say’ri: Chon’sin’s Blade

Type: Red Sword Infantry
Voice: Seiko Yoshida (English voice will be added later)
Artist: Yura

Weapon: Amatsu – Accelerates Special trigger (cooldown count -1). At start of combat, if foe’s HP >= 50%, unit can counterattack regardless of foe’s range.
Special: Iceberg
A: Kestral Stance 3 – If foe initiates combat, grants Atk/Spd +6 during combat and inflicts Special cooldown charge -1 on foe per attack. (Only highest value applied. Does not stack.)
B: Close Call 3

Mustafa: Plegian Champion

Type: Green Axe Infantry
Voice: TJ Storm
Artist: Kusakihara Toshiyuki

Weapon: Barrier Axe+ – If foe initiates combat, grants Res +7 during combat.
Special: Bonfire
A: Water Boost 3
C: Def Tactic 3

Mirabilis: Daydream

Type: Red Sword Flier
Voice: Heather Halley
Artist: Yoshiku
Bonus: Anima (Resistance)

Weapon: Flower of Ease – Grants Res +3. If [Penalty] is active on any foes within 3 columns centered on unit, inflicts Atk/Def/Res -3 on those foes during combat. [Penalty: All effects that last “on foe through its next action.” Includes penalties inflicted by a skill like Panic or Threaten and negative status effects (preventing counterattacks, restricting movement, or the effects of a skill like Triangle Adept or Guard.)]
Assist: Whimsical Dream – Grants another action to target ally. Grants Atk +5 to target ally and allies within 2 spaces of target (excluding unit) for 1 turn. Inflicts Atk -5 on nearest foes within 4 spaces of target ally and any foes within 2 spaces of those allies through their next actions. (Cannot target an ally with Sing or Dance. This skill treated as Sing or Dance.)
A: Fort. Def/Res 3
B: Sabotage Def 3
C: Def/Res Gap 3

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