Heroes: Details for July-bound Version 4.7.0 Update & Upcoming Father-Complex Voting Gauntlet

With July just around the corner, Feh has shared details of the next version update (4.7.0), which is scheduled for 6th July (UTC).

Firstly, the following Heroes will receive new weapons skills and/or refines:

  • Berkut: Dark Royal Spear (+refine)
  • Sheena: Crimson Axe (+refine)
  • Female Corrin: Gloom Breath (+refine)
  • Fallen Celica: Beloved Zofia refine

Next, starting from Version 4.7.0, Summoners will receive Divine Codes (Ephemera 7) from events. These can be exchanged for the following combat manuals:

  • 5-star Summer Leo and Summer Linde
  • 4-star Roy, Silas, Odin, Echidna and Legault

For the more minor additions, please skip to the end of this article!

In case you missed it, an “interesting” Voting Gauntlet will begin on 1st July (UTC). “Father-Complex Fray” features Heroes who have awkward relationships with their fathers. We couldn’t make this up!

The initial brackets are: Altena vs Michalis, Alfonse vs Xander, Mareeta vs Lloyd and Ross vs Annette.

Michalis, Xander and Lloyd can be summoned using Heroic Grails and everybody should have an Alfonse on the bench. As for the rest (Ross, Altena, Annette and Mareeta), there’s a Voting Gauntlet banner featuring them.

Other Additions in Version 4.7.0

Aether Raids: The Auto-Dispatch option will be added, where you can send off a team to automatically fight, three times per season. For more details, please refer to the June Feh Channel.

In addition, the Tactics Room (O) and Tactics Room (D) can be upgraded to Level 7. Plus three new songs will be added to the Aether Resort: “Dew and Patty” (Genealogy of the Holy War), “Reunion” (The Sacred Stones) and “But Frederick, it’s nearly dark!” (Awakening)

Mjolnir’s Strike: The Ljosalfar Garden can be upgraded to Level 4.

Heroic Grails: Ashnard and Groom Hinata will be added to the Heroes that can be redeemed.

Duo and Harmonized Heroes: Their sprites on the map will be shrunk when both Heroes are displayed.

Assist Skills during Auto-Battle: There will be a new setting to turn on or off Assist skills used by the AI when auto-battle is enabled. Or you can disable movement Assist skills only.

Home Notification options: There will be new settings to hide or display certain notifications on the home screen, such as Lost Lore, Mjolnir’s Strike and Voting Gauntlets.

Hero Check: A new button will be added to the summoning screen, to preview the featured Heroes, including their stats and skills at Level 40 (with neutral asset/flaw). Sharena’s Hero introductions will be moved down.

Resonant Battles: Rewards for the season that’s ended can be picked up once the season has ended, like all the other competitive modes.

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