Cipher Merchandise via Japanese Online Store (Part 2)

A reminder for Fire Emblem Cipher or merchandise collectors: earlier in July, Intelligent Systems updated the Cipher merchandise available via their online store.

As outlined in the Series 21 pre-release livestream, the main new additions are play mats of three house leaders from Three Houses, plus many re-released card sleeves and event-exclusive merchandise.

Pre-orders for the play mats close after 26th July 2020 (Japan time), while all other items are being sold on a first-come-first-serve basis. At the time of writing, a few items have sold out, such as the card sleeves of Tharja and swimsuit Corrin from Comiket 93.

Please note that shipping is only available within Japan.

Fire Emblem Cipher Play Mats – 3,850 Yen each

The only new items for sale at this current time. These are high-quality play mats for playing Cipher or other card games. There are three designs: Edelgard, Dimitri and Claude.

They measure 550 x 300 mm.

Sing and Play; Heroic ABCs – 5,500 Yen

This is a set of karuta, a Japanese card game where somebody reads a verse and you have to quickly find the matching card. It’s similar to the Hundred Song of Heroes released way back, but featuring Cipher artwork.

Included is a cute Falchion USB memory stick, with verse readings from Roy’s Japanese voice actor.

Love and Bonds Special Talk CD + Illustration Book Set – 4,400 Yen

This set contains a drama CD featuring the Cipher mascots and a book containing novelty artwork drawn by Cipher artists.

Full Zip Parker – 7,150 Yen

Debuting in Comiket 97, this stylish top is emblazoned with the Fire Emblem and Cipher symbols. On the back is artwork of the various protagonists.

Cipher Festival 2019 T-Shirt 2,750 Yen

Pretend you were at Cipher Festival 2019 with this cool t-shirt. Pictured is the t-shirt’s back; the front features the Cipher logo.

Fire Emblem Cipher Sleeve Collection – 836 Yen each

These are packs of 65 card sleeves, measuring 67 mm x 92 mm. There are plenty of designs to choose from.

Event-exclusive: FE21 Pixel Lords (Blue), FE22 Pixel Lords (White), FE23 Characters (males), FE24 Characters (females), FE43 Pixel Lords (A), FE44 Pixel Lords (B), FE61 Swimsuit Corrin (F), FE62 Swimsuit Sharena, FE85 Swimsuit Lucina and FE86 Swimsuit Corrin (F)

Standard: FE03 Tharja, FE12 Takumi, FE14 Sakura, FE19 Selkie, FE20 Flora, FE30 Lilina, FE35 Lachesis, FE36 Charlotte, FE40 Hana, FE45 Chrom, FE51 Faye, FE55 Sharena, FE60 Lissa, FE63 Ike, FE68 Marth, FE73 Corrin (M), FE76 Corrin (F), FE79 Roy, FE84 Ayra and FE93 Sothis

Fire Emblem Cipher Art Works – 2,200 Yen each

Technically not a new addition, but a handful of these were recently restocked. Most notably, Volumes 2 and 3 (pictured above), which were released very early on during Cipher’s life.

These are glossy art books featuring artworks from the corresponding Cipher series. So Volume 20 has artwork from Series 20 and so forth. Extra Selections has assorted artwork from promo cards.

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