Heroes: Feh Channel August (Part 1) Brings Summer and Piratey News!

A new Feh Channel covering Fire Emblem Heroes updates for August 2020 is now available to watch.

This is the first of two Feh Channels for this month; a second Feh Channel will be released during mid-August, which will cover updates for September, as well as info pertaining to Choose Your Legends Round 4.

Anyway, let’s go over the details of today’s Feh Channel.

New Special Heroes: Pirate’s Pride

Who would have expected that a pirate festival would be coming to Heroes next? The next batch of Special Heroes arriving from 7th August (PST) are all pirates or pirate-themed! They include: Tibarn, Brigid, Geese, Darros and Harmonized Veronica (and Xander).

Darros will be available via the Tempest Trials+ event from 8th August (PST), while the others will appear in the Special Heroes banner.

Version Update

Did you think the next version update seemed to be lacking features? Well, here are some additional features to look forward to.

If you’re an owner of a phone with an exceptionally tall screen, the developers have thought of you! Soon, the extra space will be used to display some useful info, like your divine code stash, turn count and battle items.

Also, before beginning a Resonant Battle the filter for that season’s current bonus Heroes will be instantly applied in the Edit Teams screen.

Want a bit more variety during your Arena challenges? Coming soon, there will be some new Arena maps added into the rotation.

Last, but not least, there will be some summoning pool changes. Certain Heroes will stop appearing in New Heroes and Special Heroes banners.

The removed Heroes appeared in the Children of Fate banner from December 2017 through to Arrival of the Braves from August 2018.

If you still need some of the affected Heroes, they will be available in weekly summoning revivals from 2nd August (PST).

In addition, the four affected Brave Heroes will be receiving new weapon refines: Hector, Ephraim, Celica and Veronica.

Feh’s Summer Celebration

Between 2nd and 15th August (PST), there will be another summer celebration! August also marks the 3.5 year anniversary of Heroes, so Feh has pulled out all the stops. Here’s a quick preview of all the happenings:

Now, on to the details.

The first Log-In Bonus will provide a total of 20 Orbs across 10 days, while the second Log-In Bonus yields 60 each of the four Dragonflowers and Heroic Grails.

Next, there will be daily reward maps, offering 20 Orbs if you beat all 10 maps on both difficulties.

Plus 13 daily Bound Hero Battles, each with refreshed quests so you can still earn Orbs even if you’ve cleared them in the past.

Speaking of quests, if you complete the Summer Celebration quests, you can rake in 10 Orbs, 10 Sacred Coins, 100 Heroic Grails and 120 Divine Codes (Part 1).

Wait, there’s even more! There will be 13 daily revival banners, which first debuted between December 2018 and December 2019. That means 13 opportunities to summon for free!

Lastly, there will be a new Hero Fest banner featuring Sothis, Duo Ephraim (and Lyon), Nagi and Bernadetta. A special gift will give Summoners 5 First Summon Tickets in a single day. The current starter support Hero Fest for new players will also be replaced with this one.

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