Heroes: FEH Channel’s second summer edition shows off CYL 4 winners, upcoming GHB, and next Update details of Trait-adjusting and new play mode, Frontline Phalanx

Feh returns with part two of the August edition of Feh Channel.

[The Japanese trailer can be viewed here]

Choose Your Legends Round 4 units are finally debuted. As a reminder, we have winners of each gender Dimitri and Edelgard, as well as runners-up Claude and Lysithea. You’ll notice through the artwork, is that all four units have their design based on their FE Cipher (the FE trading card game) artwork.

The winners, and runners-up, of the Choose Your Legends 4 event.

Lysithea: Earnest Seeker, comes in with a Gremory attire, and is a Red Tome infantry unit. Many fans anticipated her toting her infamous Dark Spikes T tome, and we can rejoice, as she actually has it, allowing her to smash Cavalry units, and even if she doesn’t have the advantage, she has a pretty glass cannon build that shows that she’ll be worthy of the spot as a CYL selection.

  • HP: 40
  • Atk: 54
  • Spd: 42
  • Def: 21
  • Res: 25
  • Dark Spikes T
  • Moonbow
  • Atk/Spd Push 4
  • Lul Spd/Res 3
  • Hone Spd 4

Claude: Almyra’s King, meanwhile, appears as a Colorless Bow Flier, dressed from top to bottom in noble Almyran attire. If you watch the video frame by frame, you can catch his skills, but we don’t get a breakdown on them, so with a 1-turn Cooldown on Moonbow, it’s possible that he’s running a Killer-effect on his weapon, implying that he has a sort of self-healing skill like Legendary!Ephraim’s Solar Brace, as a PRF skill.

  • HP: 42
  • Atk: 54
  • Spd: 44
  • Def: 31
  • Res: 29
  • Wind Parthia
  • Moonbow
  • Fury 4
  • Chill ?? 3
    • (It’s hard for my eyes to tell what sort of Chill skill this is…It looks like Chill Def 3 to me. It may be a dual-chill skill, as I don’t expect it to be a standard single Chill skill)
  • ??
    • (a PRF skill, it seems)

Edelgard: Adrestian Emperor, a Green Axe Armor unit, comes in with glorious red and gold armor and shield in hand. She has 46 HP, and though nothing else is shown, we do see that she procs Noontime, and has some Cooldown enhancement on her to allow her to proc it twice in a single fight. I had considered that with the regalia weapon in Claude’s hands, that Edelgard could be running a version of the Hauteclaire, but it’s just speculation.

Lastly, Dimitri: King of Faerghus, a Blue Lance Infantry, comes in with his royal blue armor and eyepatch, and also showing off Noontime in battle, as well as a double and base 41 HP. Dimitri isn’t known for having high speed, so he may have an auto-double mechanic built into his skill list, as well as Distant Counter. Given that Claude has a Parthia revamp, this could be a Gradivus revamp, which is a 1~2 range lance stemming from the Archanea series.

As expected, another video will be released, detailing the skills, and in addition, there will be a free 1-time selection of one of these CYL4 winners. Not only that, but the “Spark” system (in which Summoners can select a free summon within the batch of Heroes after so many summons), can be used up to 4 times for this CYL4 event, meaning that with 120 summons, you’ll get all four for free, 100%, regardless of your summoning success, and after 160 summons, you will get one free pick of all four plus your initial free selection.

What surprised me the most is that the upcoming Grand Hero Battle, features Jorge: Traveling Peddler, from the Radiant Dawn series. Jorge, a Blue Bow Infantry in Heroes, was the team’s shop-keep, and never hit the battle scene, but he finally gets a shot at it in Heroes, toting a PRF bow and some neat stats and side skills. Daniel, his twin, and the team’s blacksmith, appears within his Special procs, which is a neat nod to the brothers. His GHB will be available on August 19 until August 26.

  • HP: 45
  • Atk: 50
  • Spd: 27
  • Def: 35
  • Res: 29
  • Daniel-Made Bow
  • Ignis
  • Chill Def 3
  • Drive Atk 3

In other news, the September Update to FEH is bringing a new event, by name of “Frontline Phalanx“. In short, this seems like a relatively player-passive event, in which Summoners can pick one of four Ally Leader (my own term) to boost in order to combat a single enemy threat, and depending on the amount of support an Ally Leader receives, the chances of success are adjusted, so that the more an Ally Leader has for support, the greater risk of failure but the greater the prize will be. There is an item that Summoners can use, to enhance the success of their Ally Leader, called a Guardian Shield, which boosts success. It feels much like the Attack Phase of Mjolnir Strike, in which players simply pick something to do, and let the game handle the behind-the-scenes stuff, but at the same time, encourages communication to some degree. I’m curious to see how this will turn out.

We’ll have another post up detailing the mechanics of Frontline Phalanx soon.

Other news with the new update, you can apply an Asset and Flaw of your choice, to any unit of your choice, including those earned by GHB or starting (such as Alfonse). To do this, requires 100 Trait Fruits per use per unit, earned from events like Forging Bonds and other quests. 100 will be available immediately, so you can customize a trait pretty soon!

Also with the update, all units can receive an additional 5 Dragon Flowers from their initial quota of 5 or 10. The cost of the Dragon Flowers required can be seen above.

That’s all the news from this, Summoners, so get hyped for the CYL 4 banner, and because I’m curious, share who you might be selecting for your freebie, if you’re not planning on using the Spark system to get yourself a couple. I’d like to see what other Summoners are interested in adding to their barracks.

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