Cipher S22 Weekly Recap: Updates including Dancer Marianne, producer interview, and more!

Welcome to a new installment of our weekly recap series of Series 22 of Fire Emblem Cipher. Launching as a new booster expansion dubbed The Heroes’ Paean, this all-star set serves as conclusion to the Japanese trading card game’s five-year run.

In the weeks leading up to its October 1st release, the official Twitter account, @FEcipher, is revealing the latest cards each weekday, and we’ll be looking over them together as an overview of what’s to come!

The first day introduced cards of Leo, the second royal prince of Nohr from Fates. A fierce warrior of dark magic, he is also known to show a softer side to his family and friends, as depicted in a card specially illustrated by Tama Yugyouji, artist of the Leo-centric Crown of Nibelung manga. Leo’s Dark Knight card will be one of the Rare cards of the set.

Next, we got a look at cards of Micaiah from Radiant Dawn, with one of the Super Rares to appear in a joint lineup of many other Fire Emblem all-stars. From a noble thief to a nation’s ruler, Micaiah’s rise to salvation is brought to light one last time by artist Mayo for Cipher‘s curtain call.

Following that, we were shown a new card of Marianne from Three Houses. In this appearance, Marianne has overcome her personal hardships and has blossomed as a Dancer, magic blade Blutgang in hand for powerful strikes.

As a bonus, to commemorate the reveal of the card, Marianne’s artist, Kokon Konfuzi, shared original artwork of the character on their personal Twitter account.

Afterwards, new cards of Mamori Minamoto and Draug from Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE were shown, the former being another Rare card. This armored duo fights together as a set, and is Draug’s debut in the card game as the promoted General class. Like other recent cards from Tokyo Mirage Sessions, Mamori has a faux autograph drawn in her artwork, which is signed by Mamori herself.

Lastly, cards of Eliwood from The Blazing Blade were showcased, another heroic Super Rare like Micaiah who unites with others. With the aid of companionship, Eliwood becomes renowned for ending a wicked scheme which history hails him for as Lycia’s finest knight.

During this past week, Intelligent Systems published a new issue to the Cipher Frontier column. In this installment, the companions of Emma, Shade, Yuzu, Randal, Alice, Valjean, Niamh, and Poe have an interview with the one and only Cipher producer, Ryota Kawade!

Although this update offers no news with regards to the card game, it is a special opportunity to hear Mr. Kawade’s thoughts as he reminisces over Cipher‘s history as an entertainment experience, as well as to learn a few development secrets—including the fact that working on creating the TCG began only about half a year after the original release of Awakening in 2012.

It’s still a little ways off, but here is reminder that the next Cipher livestream on September 26th is to be the final episode of the show.

With guests like Michihiko Hagi (voice of Ike from Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn), Lynn (voice of Azura from Fates), and Fire Emblem series artist Yusuke Kozaki, it’ll be a broadcast to remember as they open packs of the upcoming booster and look back on the past five years with Cipher. Full details of this event can be found on the official site.

By the way, the artwork of Byleth associated with the livestream above is, in all likelihood, artwork for a potential Super Rare Plus edition of Byleth’s SR card, which has him appear in his Enlightened One class.

If you’re planning to pick up Cipher products like the new booster following its release, remember that Intelligent Systems is also hosting a special launch campaign where select vendors will bundle acrylic keyholders with purchases for a limited time, designed after Marth, male Corrin, or male Byleth. Full details of this event can be found on the official site.

In related news, the Twitter account for card shop Grand Panda Canyon in Akihabara shared this version of the united Super Rares, which was sent to them directly by Intelligent Systems. Due to differences in image processing from the fan-made recreation we have been using until today, we will be using this version moving forward.

Please enjoy what is effectively the current definitive edition of this collaborative masterpiece, serving as culmination of Cipher‘s 5-year run, and the Fire Emblem series’ 30-year history.

That’s all for this week’s recap! Check back with us next week for another round-up of Cipher news.

Feel free to visit our forums to talk about Cipher if you have any questions or are looking to share your love for the card game!

Fire Emblem Cipher’s next and very last booster expansion set, The Heroes’ Paean, will be available from Japan starting October 1st!

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