Fire Emblem x SuperGroupies: 2nd Round of Three Houses Fashion Items!

Last year, SuperGroupies teamed up with Fire Emblem to release a line of high end Fire Emblem fashion items. It seems the collaboration was a success, because they’re back for another round!

This time, all of the items are based on the latest game in the series: Three Houses.

Three houses. Ten items. Your decisions will change the future

–Quote from the website.

Full details of all the items can be found via the SuperGroupies website. The website is also available in English–the page claims the text has been machine translated, but this particular page seems decently translated.

Pre-orders are open now until 5th October 2020 (Japan time). Items are expected to ship around the end of January 2021. Of note, global shipping is available (via WorldShopping)!

Model Tote Bag – 13,800 Yen (and tax)

There are four designs available, based on Byleth, the Black Eagles, Blue Lions and Golden Deer. There are a lot of cool details, like a detachable charm and an inner tag with the design of the character’s or house’s flag.

Shoes – 19,800 Yen (and tax)

These all-black shoes, themed after Byleth, are available in mens and womens. Underneath the shoes is, fittingly, a hidden Crest of Flames.

Wallet – 9,800 Yen (and tax)

Similar to the tote bags, there are four designs available, based on Byleth and the Three Houses. These wallets are foldable and feature a really cool-looking metallic flag on the corner. Inside the wallet, there is a different embossed design for each theme: “Perfect Tea Time”, “Schwarzer Adler Wehr [Black Eagle Strike Force]”, Dimitri’s gift dagger or Claude’s bow.

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