Heroes: Details for Version 4.10.0, Planned for 7th October (UTC)

We’re coming up to another new month, which means another Fire Emblem Heroes version update! The next update, which is planned for approximately 7th October 2020 at 7 am (UTC), will push the game to Version 4.10.0.

Resonant Battles

The big new change is one that fans have probably been requesting–the weekly limit for Resonant Battle attempts will be lifted. Soon you won’t have to stress out when a miscalculation causes the untimely demise of your Heroes or a thief to escape just out of reach.

On top of that, foes will be made slightly weaker. I always did find it strange that even the Beginner enemies could one-round my Heroes when I was lazy. Because of the update timing, the next, next season will occur between 8th and 12th October.

Weapon Refinery

There’s a lot of Jugdral love in the next weapon refinery update. Four Jugdrali Heroes will be able to enhance their current weapon skill, while an additional two Heroes have sneaked along for the ride.

  • Effie’s Lance (and refine options) – Effie: Army of One
  • Obsessive Curse (and refine options) – Rhajat: Black Magician
  • Divine Tyrfing refine options – Sigurd: Holy Knight and Seliph: Heir of Light
  • Valflame refine options – Arvis: Emperor of Flame
  • Wargod’s Tome refine options – Saias: Bishop of Flame

Combat Manuals

Starting from Version 4.10.0, events will hand out Divine Codes (Ephemera 10). These can be used to redeem the following limited time combat manuals:

  • 5-star : Halloween Niles and Halloween Jakob
  • 4-star: Hinata, Mordecai, Gunter, Tanya and Kagero

Aether Raids

There will be adjustments to the stat boosts offered depending on the level difference between the defender’s Fortress structure and the attacker’s Fortress structure.

Primarily, if the defender’s Fortress structure has a higher level, the level difference will be calculated as zero. So your raiding party will no longer be at a major disadvantage if you’ve neglected to upgrade your own Fortress.

Note that level increases from bonus structures (+1 if you deploy the bonus structure) and low-tier tuning (up to +4 if you’re in the lowest tiers) will apply after this calculation. These level increases only apply for the attacker.

Also, the Dark Shrine (offense and defense) can be upgraded to Level 7.

Mjolnir’s Strike

The Deluge Fountain can be upgraded to Level 4.

Heroic Grails

These dashing lads will be added to the Heroic Grails shop:

  • Darros: Seawalker
  • Jorge: Traveling Peddler


Stat increases and decreases will appear in the combat forecast.

There will be an option to toggle the additional information (such as Divine Codes) for extra-tall screens. This information was previously enabled by default. Rejoice, those of you who didn’t like the clutter!

For iOS users only, a reminder that iOS 10.0 or higher will be required after the version update planned for November. After that update, Feh Pass will become inaccessible if you’re running a lower iOS version.

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