Scale figure of Fire Emblem’s Lyn revealed at WonHobby Gallery!

A new scale figure is coming, and this time it’s Lyn.

Hobby product manufacturer Good Smile Company is holding their Wonderful Hobby Gallery Autumn 2020 exhibit this weekend from October 17th to October 18th both virtually and at the Akiba CO Gallery in Akihabara, Japan, and there’s been exciting news for fans of Fire Emblem: Lyn from The Blazing Blade is in the works as a 1/7 scale figure!

Another look at Lyn’s figure, shared by AmiAmi Hobby News on Twitter.
The bottom-right text means that its design is still pending the licensor’s final approval.

This sculpted figure serves as a scale model of the original character, standing at a 1:7 size ratio in height. Currently, the estimated price and release date are yet to be determined, but we expect updates on that to be eventually shared by its planner/developer, Intelligent Systems. How long that’ll take to happen is anyone’s guess!

Popular Fire Emblem characters like Tharja and Cordelia from Awakening and Camilla from Fates have also been produced as scale figures. Now, Lyn will join their ranks.

Intelligent Systems has a long history of collaborating with manufacturers to bring beloved Fire Emblem characters to life, including but not limited to figma and Nendoroid figures. The new addition of the Lyn scale figure is sure to keep fans happy!

We’ll keep you updated with more details as they come. Until then, check out more photos of Lyn’s figure shared by AmiAmi Hobby News, as well as Ameba blogger Digitamin in our gallery below.

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