Heroes: Resplendent Lucina Has Been Foretold & November/December Calendar

Today, FEH Pass subscribers can pick up Resplendent Marth. If you’re wondering about the future though, the next Resplendent Hero arriving from 24th November 2020 (UTC) will be Lucina: Future Witness!

It’s fitting that Lucina will be following in the footsteps of her ancestor that she looks up to. Not to mention her butterfly motif suits the ljosalfar attire to a tee. For more artwork and voice samples, you can check out her dedicated page.

That’s not the only glimpse of the future; in case you missed it, the official Twitter account is holding a poll to decide the next New Heroes revival banner and Forging Bonds event. Here are the choices:

Still not enough? Good thing the next event calendar for mid November through mid December is here!

Highlights include New Heroes arriving on 16th November and 7th December, plus the next Mythic Hero on 26th November. There’s also a big fuss about the new Pawns of Loki mode on 11th November, which brings a stack of goodies.

As usual, please continue for the text version of the calendar.

Note: All dates are in PST, as per the official calendar.

Dates Name Type
Now ~ 10th November Summoning Focus: Heroes with Bonfire Summoning
Now ~ 13th November Clear Quests Quests
Now ~ 15th November New Heroes Revival: Harmony amid Chaos Summoning
Now ~ 15th November Forging Bonds Revival: Harmony amid Chaos Event
Now ~ 15th November Limited Hero Battle Event
Now ~ 16th November Special Heroes Revival: The Land’s Bounty Summoning
Now ~ 16th November Summoning Focus: Tempest Trials+ Summoning
Now ~ 16th November Tempest Trials+: Ninja Novices Event
Now ~ 16th November Tempest Trials+ Log-In Bonus Log-In Bonus
Now ~ 18th November Red Battle Quests Quests
Now ~ 19th November Special Heroes Log-In Bonus Log-In Bonus
Now ~ 22nd November Lost Lore Event
Now ~ 23rd November Special Heroes Revival: Trick or Defeat! Summoning
Now ~ 5th December Special Heroes Summoning Event: In the Moment Summoning
9th~ 17th November Bound Hero Battle Revival: Ryoma & Sakura Event
10th ~ 18th November Summoning Focus: New Power Summoning
11th ~ 17th November Pawns of Loki Event
11th ~ 20th November Pawns of Loki Debut Celebration Other
15th ~ 29th November Armor Assault Quests Quests
16th Nov ~ 6th Dec New Heroes Summoning Event Summoning
16th ~ 30th November Forging Bonds Event
16th ~ 30th November New Heroes Log-In Bonus Log-In Bonus
17th ~ 25th November Grand Hero Battle Event
18th ~ 24th November Summoning Focus: Heroes with Foil Skills Summoning
19th Nov ~ 9th Dec Double Special Heroes Summoning Event Summoning
20th Nov ~ 4th Dec Hall of Forms Event
24th Nov ~ 1st Dec Summoning Focus: Heroes with Spurn or Repel Summoning
25th ~ 30th November Grand Conquests Event
25th Nov ~ 2nd Dec Bound Hero Battle: Lugh & Raigh Event
25th Nov ~ 2nd Dec Summoning Focus: Bound Hero Battle Summoning
26th Nov ~ 8th Dec Mythic Heroes Summoning Event Summoning
26th Nov ~ 8th Dec Mythic Hero Battle Event
27th Nov ~ 10th Dec Voting Gauntlet Log-In Bonus Log-In Bonus
30th Nov ~ 6th Dec Voting Gauntlet Event
1st ~ 10th December Summoning Focus: Heroes with Infantry Pulse Summoning
2nd ~ 8th December Grand Hero Battle Revival ~ Heath: Wandering Knight Event
3rd Dec ~ Unknown Three Heroes Quests Quests
7th Dec ~ Unknown New Heroes Summoning Event Summoning
7th Dec ~ Unknown Forging Bonds Event
7th Dec ~ Unknown New Heroes Log-In Bonus Log-In Bonus
8th Dec ~ Unknown Grand Hero Battle Event
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