Heroes: Feh Channel Dec. 7 shares details on Book V, Aether Raids updates and more

Feh Channel dropped a baller of a beat on us, giving us a huge description on what’s to come with Book V. Not only will tonight’s maintenance bring about Book V right into the fray for tomorrow, but we’ll see some bonuses with it.

In the Chapter 5 video, we’re greeted with an immediately with a mechanical electronic tune, showcasing a dark and concerned male figure, and a blue haired female piloting what appears to be Fire Emblem’s very first ever true Mech, bringing home the Dwarven aesthetic hinted at in the last trailer.


The scary fellow that I referred to earlier, is Fáfnir, and he’s the king of Niðavellir, who appears to have lost his way. Joining him are his two right hands, Ótr (Fáfnir’s younger brother) and Reginn (their younger sister).


Feh informs us that the world of Niðavellir, found a way to create what is called Seiðjárn, which is effectively magic-infused machinery, and the armor suits are called Gullinbursti.

All of that said, we’ll be seeing some quests and rewards within this event, from tomorrow until December 21. Included in this batch are:

  • Book V Log-in Bonus
    • Up to 20 Orbs
  • Book V Begins Quests
    • Up to 1000 Aether Stones
  • Book V Mechanical Castle Castle Design (seen above, and will be a freebie)
  • 3 New Bonus structures (Effect-less structures themed with Book V in mind)
  • Reginn: Bearing Hope, will join at the completion of Book V Chapter 1

Reginn herself is a red sword Cavalier (Gullinbursti), and also is a Mythic hero (Astra). We get a sneak peek at her setup, including her 3 movement, 38 | 52 | 43 | 30 | 24 statline, Swift Sparrow 3, Lull Spd/Def 3 and Panic Smoke 3 skills, plus her PRF weapon and Special. No word on how they specifically function yet…but they’ll be detailed in the Heroes’ summoning video, which has already been dropped.

The next news update is the reveal of the next Heroes batch, which is featured around Fire Emblem Sacred Stones. We’ll have:

  • Duessel: Obsidian, a Blue Lance Cavalier
  • Caellach: Tiger Eye, a Green Axe Infantry
  • Selena: Flourspar, a Blue Tome Cavalier
  • Knoll: Darkness Watcher, a Red Mage Infantry
  • Natasha: Sacred Healer a Colorless Staff Infantry

The summoning banner will bring Reginn, Duessel, Selena and Natasha. Caellach will be a Grand Hero Battle reward, and Knoll is rewarded simply for completing quests. Details will be on these units in the next post, which will highlight the banner characters as a whole.

Version update information!

  • Rules are being updated
    • Base value for the Lift Increase on offense successes, and defense losses, is going from 80 to 100.
    • Tier 28 has been added.
    • Weekly (Seasonal) bonus heroes will include one bonus Mythic Hero, which when deployed, will bring a bonus effect.
      • If you have deployed a Mythic Hero that’s a bonus Mythic, then if you sustain a casualty, you will not receive a deduction if one of your allies were to fall (of -20). You’ll be effectively given one death allowances and receive full points.
      • If on Defense, you’ll lose 20 fewer points with a bonus Mythic deployed.
  • New Mythic Effect
    • Adding a Mythic Hero of a bonus type (starting with Reginn), will allow you to add a 6th unit to your deployment, but that unit must either be another Mythic of the current season, or a hero with a blessing that is appropriate for the current season (Mythic or Legendary).
    • There is no change to the Lift value with this 6th unit.
  • Summoning Screen updates
    • The 5* bonus / focus will be displayed on screen as you’re summoning. It will update in real-time.
    • If you summon a unit that is not a Focus Hero, the appareance rate will not decrease quite as much as if you summoned a Focus Hero (up to -2% max).

Finally, we receive a tease of the upcoming Holiday Heroes, but more interestingly, there’s a notice along with it. If you Summon up to 40 times, you can Spark a free hero, and you can do this up to three times.

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