Lyn scale figure releases November 2021, priced ¥18,000

You’ll be able to own the Lyn scale figure late next year.

As a follow-up to our initial report, release details of the upcoming scale figure of Lyn from The Blazing Blade have surfaced from Intelligent Systems. Here’s a formal introduction to the figure provided by Good Smile Company:

“Even now, my heart is still in the plains.”

From the Fire Emblem series comes a brand new figure made by the developer of the series, INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS!

Lyn, one of the main characters of “Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade”, has been brought to life as a 1/7th scale figure.

Based on a special illustration by Sachiko Wada, an illustrator who worked on “The Blazing Blade”, the figure features Lyn in dancing on the open plains in a gentle breeze. Everything from her long ponytail to her clothes and equipment has been captured in stunning detail. Be sure to add her to your collection.

The Lyn scale figure is scheduled for release November 2021 at a suggested price of ¥18,000. Pre-orders for it are open on the Fire Emblem Online Shop now until March 24th, 2021, and will be available to purchase at other vendors.

On the official product page on Intelligent Systems’s website, more details can be found.

The all-new artwork which the Lyn scale figure is modeled after, drawn by Sachiko Wada.

Check out a 360° video showcase of the figure highlighting all the careful attention to detail here.

A concept design of Lyn, illustrating various facets of her character design.

A sketch by Sachiko Wada commemorating Lyn’s figure. The other appearing characters are two of her companions, Kent and Sain.

Sachiko Wada shares some of her thoughts on the creation of the figure, which we’ve translated below:

I’m honored to be able to draw the base artwork for this. I was nervous tackling the illustration, thinking: “I’ve got to be more aware of its 3D look than usual!”

Since the pose needed to be in 3D, I was shown a model reference from the sculptor, so it was interesting to go about it based on that picture I got.

I gave my all with my draw-up from two perspectives, but was still pretty nervous about it being an issue with the sculptor when they’d go ahead and make it 3D, but I’m quite happy with how cute the finished result turned out!

As an aside, despite Lyn holding the sword, I don’t believe it’s meant to be a battle stance. Perhaps she’s practicing a sword dance from the Lorca tribe? That’s what I thought about as I drew this.

Feel free to pick up the “Lyn: Dancing Lorca Swordswoman of the Plains” figure!

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