Heroes: Details for Version 5.1.0, Arriving 6th January!

Wishing everyone a safe and happy new year!

Fire Emblem Heroes has shared details of the first version update of 2021: Version 5.1.0. It is scheduled for release on 6th January, at 11 pm (UTC).

Vault of Heaven (Aether Raids)

Tiers 29 to 38 will be added to Aether Raids; collectively, these 10 new tiers are known as the “Vault of Heaven”.

In the Vault of Heaven, the rules are the same as always, but for each raid where all of your units survive, a bonus of +10 will be added to your Lift score. You can also obtain more Heroic Grails and Dragonflowers as rewards.

When a player ends their season at Tiers 27 or 28, they will start the next season at Tier 31, which is inside the Vault of Heaven. While in the Vault of Heaven, if a player ends their season at Tier 38, they will start at Tier 31 during the next season. Otherwise, they will start at Tier 23.

Combat Manuals

The following limited-time combat manuals can be exchanged using Divine Codes (Ephemera 1). You can acquire these Divine Codes from events that begin after Version 5.1.0.

  • 5-star: Hot-spring Ryoma and Myrrh
  • 4-star: Eliwood, Oscar, Altena, Barst and Fae

Weapon Refinery

These fortunate Heroes will be receiving new weapon skills and/or refine options:

  • Arden: Arden’s Blade (and refine options)
  • Genny: Springtime Staff (and refine options)
  • Lewyn: Forseti refine options
  • Bow Hinoka: Warrior Princess refine options

Aether Raids

Besides the Vault of Heaven, there will be other changes to Aether Raids.

The number of defence maps will increase from 5 to 15.

More Blessings can be obtained from daily rewards. Specifically, the Blessings given for your 1st and 5th reward will be tripled.

Panic Manor (O and D) can be increased to Level 8.

New songs will be added to the Concert Hall in the Aether Resort:

  • “Opening (Demo)” from Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light
  • “Homesick (Light)” from Fates

Mjolnir’s Strike

The Dokkalfar Briar can be increased to Level 5.

Pawns of Loki

The number of enemy Combos from turns 4 to 6 will be slightly reduced. This will apply to all difficulties.

A “Map: Skip Animation” option will be added for Pawns of Loki. If “Map: No Animation” is already enabled in Settings, this new option won’t appear.

Also, some “minor issues” will be addressed, but no further details were given.

Heroic Grails

These Heroes will be available to summon using Heroic Grails:

  • Hana: Focused Ninja
  • Galle: Azure Rider


Currently, there’s a bug where cavalry units using Canto 3 while under Gravity’s effect can move across trenches as if they were flat (regular) terrain. This will be fixed so cavalry units can only move 1 space across trenches.

Another Canto issue will be fixed. Right now, if “Double Tap to Wait” is turned off, you can’t keep your cavalry unit in their current square when Canto triggers. After this update, you can double tap to make them wait in their current square regardless of the selected option.

A new notification message will appear in the Home screen when a Hall of Forms event is on-going. Like other event notifications, you can disable this from the Settings.

An extra button will appear in a Hero’s status screen when using the “Hero Check” feature in the Summoning menu. Pressing this will display the Hero’s introduction screen that occasionally appears in the loading screen (the ones that advertise a Hero’s abilities).

There will be some adjustments to how events are displayed. Once you’ve collected all the rewards from an event such as Forging Bonds, the event will stop glowing. This also applies during the Brace phase of Mjolnir’s Strike. For Hall of Forms, it will have a different colour for when the event is inactive, but you can exchange Forma Souls.

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