Heroes: First FEH Channel of 2021 brings news of CYL Winners, Version Update News, A Hero Rises, and 4th Anniversary Rewards

Summoners, it’s that time of year again, in the form of the anniversary of Fire Emblem Heroes! We’re at its 4th anniversary, and have quite a bit of news to take in, courtesy of Feh’s latest Feh Channel. If you didn’t get to watch it, click here. I’ll do my best to summarize the key points though, assuming you skimmed the video, or can’t watch it quite yet.

Chrom and Byleth (F) received third place positions by a fairly sizable margin. For full results, click here.

Marth finally got his day, as well as Eirika, bringing two more Lords into the fray of Choose Your Legends victors, but they both found themselves in 2nd place, following Fire Emblem Three Houses’ Gatekeeper and Marianne. At first, I thought that the Gatekeeper votes were going to be just for kicks, but I’m stunned to see that he ended up victorious, even over short-end-of-the-stick Marth after all these years. I’m not dissappointed, however; I have great hopes for these units in their debut, and hope that you do, too!

The next A Hero Rises event starts today, in which Summoners can log onto a website (click Here) and vote for a beloved unit. The 8 units that win this contest, become a part of their own Voting Gauntlet featured later this year, and the winner of that Voting Gauntlet becomes a free gift unit to all Summoners.

The polls are open for 1 week, starting today, and the Voting Gauntlet itself will run from Feb 26 – Mar 4. The gifted unit will be distributed on Mar 10. Furthermore, the Top-4 Heroes in the Voting Gauntlet will be part of their own Summoning event, complete with Spark on 40. This will likely occur in March of this year.

The next Special Heroes summoning event, based around the Day of Devotion, features Heroes from the FEH universe. Of note, we’ll be seeing Gustav: Majestic Love, a Green Axe (with an interesting Cover-type skill), Henriette: Overflowing Love, a Red Tome (again, with a Cover-type skill), Alfonse: Uplifting Love, a Green Tome Armor with an inheritable weapon and fairly tanky stats, and Veronica: Bestowed Love, a Blue Tome Cavalry, again with an inheritable weapon, but this time, more glass-ish cannon stats that we’re becoming used to seeing in units like Veronica (and Thrasir).

Speaking of Thrasir, There’s also the Duo Hero Lif: Undying Ties (featuring Lif and Thrasir), a Red Tome Cavalry, which come with a unique C skill and PRF weapon. Duo Lif, along with Gustav, Henriette and Alfonse, will all be available on this Summoning Banner from Feb 4 – Mar 4, while Veronica will be a free unit available through the associated Tempest Trials+ event.

The My Summoner feature will be kicking off in the next Version Update, allowing Summoners to customize themselves through the Interact with Allies -> My Summoner screen. This screen will let you change from 7 different styles of Summoner, equip among a limited set of accessories, change the Summoner’s name and greeting, and lastly, prepare them for deployment in Mjolnir’s Strike, as a Colorless Tome Infantry unit with the Dire Breidablik weapon (and customizable stats/skills, maybe?) How do they earn their skills? They can “Copy Skills” from other Heroes, and apply them to himself (if applicable), of course.

The next Version Update is updating how Legendary Heroes are handled, through two ways. First, is the Legendary Hero Remix summoning event, which will be a 6% Focus summoning event, featuring first off, 8 Legendary Heroes (two Heroes per color), and also come with Spark 40. They’ll receive boosts, as well, by way of new skill inclusion. Legendary Heroes will be given new skills, and in the upcoming set, we’ll see Ike receive two new skills in the evolved Radiant Aether II and also Joint Drive Res, as well as Fjorm receiving Ice Mirror II and Atk/Def Unity. This will run from Feb 11 – Feb 18. The other heroes will include

  • Blue
    • Anna
  • Colorless
    • Bernadetta
    • Robin (Legendary, aka Grima)
  • Green
    • Hector (Legendary)
    • Lyn (Legendary)
  • Red
    • Kris

Additionally, there’s an update with a 4☆ Special Rate that will boost availability for previously locked 5☆ Heroes. When there is a summoning event with this 4* Special Rate, summoning one of these “Pity Breaker” Heroes, will not decrease your 5☆ or 5☆ Focus unit appearance rates. These units will include the entire set of 5☆ standard units, including Legendary Heroes from batches 1 and 2, and they will all be removed from the 5☆ summoning pool (unless they’re part of a Focus banner). This updated Special rate, will apply to summoning events starting Feb 4, including the upcoming Hero Fest.

Yes, this means that Hector and Takumi (Distant Counter and Close Counter) as well as Leo (Quick Riposte 3) will be available in the 4☆ summoning pool.

All of those BIG bits of news aside, the 4th Anniversary event will include a multitude of goodies for Summoners, such as two Log-in Bonuses, Quests, Grand Hero Party, the 4th Hero Fest, another A Hero Rises event, and more.

  • Log-in Bonus
    • From Feb 1 – Feb 15
      • 20 Orbs, 44 Trait Fruits
  • 4th Anniversary Quests & Aether Raids Support Quests
    • From Feb 1 – Feb 28
      • 24 Orbs, 44 Sacred Coins, 44 Heroic Grails, 44 Dragonflowers (of each color), 444 Divine Codes and 500 Aether Stones
      • Notably, 1 Forma Soul (used to add a Hall of Forms Forma Unit, to your Roster)
  • 4th Anniversary Tempest Trials+ Quest Rewards
    • From Feb 4 – Feb 15
      • 5 Summoning Ticket I, 10 Summoning Ticket II, 44 Sacred Coins, 176 Heroic Grails, 44 Divine Dew and 44 Dragonflowers (of each color)
        • Summoning Ticket I are utilized for the upcoming Lost Loves Tempest Trials+ event
        • Summoning Ticket II are utilized for the 4th Anniversary Hero Fest, available from Feb 4 – Feb 15
  • Grand Hero Party
    • These will be the return of Grand Hero Battles, giving Summoners more chances at units for merges, barracks, inheritance…whatever you’d like
    • Available for two days each, from Feb 1 – Feb 15
    • In order; Gangrel, Eleonora, Jorge, Petrine, Nemesis, Galle, Calleach
  • Version Update details
    • Hero Merit Increase, from 6,000 -> 7,000
  • Special Hero Summon (Year 4)
    • Available from Feb 1 – Feb 28
    • Summoners can get 1 unit for free, and the pool of available selection is divided by color, featuring units from all 2020 Special Heroes summoning events (except Dark Desert Rituals), being as it’s still an active banner).

Lastly, to be quick, the next Hero Fest units have been announced, including Duo Ephraim (w/ Lyon), Shamir, Sothis and Shinon. This will run from Feb 4 – Feb 15.

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