Heroes: Resplendent Tana Swoops In & February/March Calendar!

Starting today, Resplendent Brave Ike is now available for FEH Pass subscribers. As for the next Resplendent Hero… *drum-roll* It’s Tana: Winged Princess! She’ll be swooping in from 25th February 2021 (UTC).

This version of Tana is wearing clothes from (we still need the FEH spellchecker) Ljósálfheimr, the friendly realm from Book IV. You can find more artwork and voice clips via her official page.

Moving on, the event calendar for mid February to mid March 2021 has been released. Let’s take a gander…

Whereas the past calendar had two back-to-back Special Hero banners, this new calendar has back-to-back New Heroes, first on 15th February and more on 4th March. Meanwhile, there’s the next Legendary Hero on 25th February.

Also, don’t forget the “A Hero Rises” Voting Gauntlet, which starts on 26th February.

Keep going for the text version of the calendar.

Note: All dates are according to PST, as per the official calendar.

Dates Name Type
Now ~ 9th February Pawns of Loki Event
Now ~ 15th February 4th Anniversary Hero Fest Summoning
Now ~ 15th February Tempest Trials+: Lost to Love Event
Now ~ 15th February Tempest Trials Log-In Bonus Log-In Bonus
Now ~ 16th February Bound Hero Battle Revival: Tiki & Nagi Event
Now ~ 16th February Fluffy Fur Tour Quests Quests
Now ~ 17th February Special Heroes Summoning Event: Dark Desert Rituals Summoning
Now ~ 17th February Summoning Focus: New Power Summoning
Now ~ 17th February Special Heroes Log-In Bonus Log-In Bonus
Now ~ 18th February For Summoners Quests Quests
Now ~ 28th February Special Hero Summon (Year 4) Summoning
Now ~ 28th February 4th Anniversary Celebration! Other
Now ~ 4th March Special Heroes Summoning Event: Love of a King Summoning
11th ~ 18th February Legendary Hero Remix Summoning
12th ~ 26th February Hall of Forms Event
14th ~ 21st February Limited Hero Battle Event
15th Feb ~ 4th March New Heroes Summoning Event Summoning
15th Feb ~ 1st March Forging Bonds Event
15th ~ 28th February New Heroes Log-In Bonus Log-In Bonus
16th ~ 24th February Grand Hero Battle Event
17th ~ 28th February Summoning Focus: Heroes with Lull Skills Summoning
17th Feb ~ 3rd March Blue Battle Quests Quests
18th ~ 20th February Pawns of Loki Event
19th Feb ~ 5th March Double Special Heroes Summoning Event Summoning
21st Feb ~ 7th March Special Heroes Revival: Lovely Gifts Summoning
21st ~ 26th February Rokkr Sieges Event
22d Feb ~ 7th March Voting Gauntlet Log-In Bonus Log-In Bonus
23rd Feb ~ 9th March Special Heroes Revival: Greil’s Devoted Summoning
23rd Feb ~ Unknown Lost Lore Event
24th Feb ~ 5th March Summoning Focus: Bound Hero Battle Summoning
24th Feb ~ 5th March Bound Hero Battle: Veronica & Loki Event
25th Feb ~ 4th March Legendary Hero Summoning Event Summoning
25th Feb ~ 4th March Legendary Hero Battle Event
26th Feb ~ 4th March Voting Gauntlet: AHR 2021 Finals Event
27th Feb ~ Unknown Three Heroes Quests Quests
28th Feb ~ 7th March Summoning Focus: Heroes with Moonbow Summoning
28th Feb ~ 2nd March Pawns of Loki Event
1st March ~ Unknown Special Heroes Revival: Love Abounds Summoning
4th March ~ Unknown New Heroes Summoning Event Summoning
4th March ~ Unknown Forging Bonds Event
4th March ~ Unknown New Heroes Log-In Bonus Log-In Bonus
5th March ~ Unknown Grand Hero Battle Event
7th March ~ Unknown Summoning Focus: New Power Summoning
8th March ~ Unknown Frontline Phalanx Event
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