Fire Emblem scale figure update: Teaser for the next figure, most likely Marth

Is that the Hero-King himself?

In a newly published blog update on series official site Fire Emblem World, the merchandise management team at Intelligent Systems shares an introduction to their new lineup of scale figures, which is kicking off with Lyn in 2021 and Ike in 2022.

As noted the other day, it already appears there are plans for even more scale figures later down the line, and the blog post drops a silhouette teaser to confirm: of which we strongly believe to be Marth.

A full look at the teaser image of the next Fire Emblem scale figure, originally shared by Intelligent Systems on the Fire Emblem World blog.

At present, there aren’t any other details known regarding this scale figure since we only have the post to go by, so anything else is speculation until the next update. Even so, it’s pretty easy to make out that this is probably Marth. This comes from being able to identify recognizable features on the silhouette, including Marth’s hairstyle, what appears to be his Falchion sword and Binding Shield, and the clean edges of his cape. We’ve already seen other guesses thrown around like Chrom and even Kris, but we’re still convinced it should be Marth.

On a final note, Intelligent Systems also writes that after Ike they’re planning to make scale figures of other characters both old and new, so there’s a possibility we may eventually see additional scale figures from more recent Fire Emblem titles, such as Awakening or Three Houses. At the very least, it doesn’t sound like Marth will necessarily be the last scale figure in store.

We’ll keep you updated on any future news we can learn about Fire Emblem‘s new scale figure series as they develop in the long run. Until next time, feel free to tell us who else you’d love to be made into a scale figure.

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