Heroes: Resplendent Lilina Incoming & April/May Calendar!

From today, Resplendent Micaiah will be available for FEH Pass subscribers. As for the next Resplendent Hero, surprise! It’s another mage girl–Lilina: Delightful Noble.

Update: Sorry, we were a day early–Resplendent Micaiah is available from 10th April (UTC).

Like her father, Resplendent Lilina’s costume is based on the fiery kingdom of Múspell. Her resplendent skin will be available from 25th April 2021 (UTC). In the meantime, you can check out her webpage for more artwork and voice samples.

Also today, Feh has provided the event calendar for mid April to mid May 2021. Alright, let’s see what we’ve got…

Key dates include Special Heroes on 19th April, the next Legendary Hero on 28th April and more New Heroes on 7th May 2021 (PST).

Any guesses what the Special Heroes will be this time? Last year we had the young versions of key Archanean characters to celebrate the series’s 30th anniversary (which is getting a re-run). Will they be doing a similar thing or something entirely different?

As usual, please carry on for the text version of the calendar.

Note: All dates are in PST as per the official calendar.

Dates Name Type
Now ~ 10th April AHR 2021 Free 5-star Hero Other
Now ~ 14th April Grand Hero Battle – Sonia: Inhuman Beauty Event
Now ~ 15th April Summoning Focus: New Power Summoning
Now ~ 16th April Special Heroes Revival: Regal Rabbits Summoning
Now ~ 16th April Special Heroes Revival: Willful Rabbits Summoning
Now ~ 18th April Special Heroes Revival: Hares at the Fair Summoning
Now ~ 18th April New Heroes Log-In Bonus Log-In Bonus
Now ~ 19th April Forging Bonds: Bond of Trust Event
Now ~ 19th April Delusory Dungeon – O Mighty Seiðjárn Event
Now ~ 27th April New Heroes Summoning Event: Bond of Trust Summoning
9th ~ 10th April Pawns of Loki Event
10th ~ 23rd April Special Heroes Revival: Spring Festival Summoning
12th ~ 18th April Limited Hero Battle Event
13th ~ 26th April Double Special Heroes Summoning Event Summoning
14th ~ 19th April Grand Conquests Event
15th ~ 23rd April Bound Hero Battle Revival: Ranulf & Lethe Event
16th ~ 22nd April Summoning Focus: Heroes with Gap Skills Summoning
16th April ~ 6th May Lost Lore Event
17th ~ 29th April Summoning Focus: Tempest Trials+ Summoning
17th ~ 29th April Tempest Trials+ Log-In Bonus Log-In Bonus
19th April ~ Unknown Special Heroes Summoning Event Summoning
19th April ~ 1st May Special Heroes Log-In Bonus Log-In Bonus
20th ~ 29th April Tempest Trials+ Event
21st April ~ 4th May Special Heroes Revival: The Start of it All Summoning
22nd ~ 23rd April Pawns of Loki Event
23rd April ~ 2nd May Summoning Focus: Heroes with Bonfire Skills Summoning
24th ~ 30th April Grand Hero Battle Revival – Gangrel: Plegia’s Mad King Event
25th April ~ 8th May Hall of Fors Event
25th April ~ 8th May Tome Arts Quests Quests
26th April ~ 8th May Voting Gauntlet Log-In Bonus Log-In Bonus
28th April ~ 6th May Legendary Hero Summoning Event Summoning
28th April ~ 6th May Legendary Hero Battle Event
30th April ~ 5th May Voting Gauntlet Event
1st ~ 7th May Bound Hero Battle: Shamir & Catherine Event
1st ~ 7th May Summoning Focus: Bound Hero Battle Summoning
2nd ~ 3rd May Pawns of Loki Event
3rd ~ 10th May Summoning Focus: Heroes with Goad and Ward Skills Summoning
4th May ~ Unknown Special Heroes Revival: A Season for Picnics Summoning
6th May ~ Unknown Coliseum & Ordeals Quests Quests
7th May ~ Unknown New Heroes Summoning Event Summoning
7th May ~ Unknown Forging Bonds Event
7th May ~ Unknown New Heroes Log-In Bonus
8th May ~ Unknown Grand Hero Battle Event
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