Heroes: Version 5.5.0 Details & Scheduled Maintenance

Today, we have further details of the upcoming Version 5.5.0 update for Fire Emblem Heroes, which is planned to release around 6th May 2021, at 11 pm 7 am UTC.

Ahead of the update’s arrival, the game will be down for maintenance between 4 am and 7 am on 6th May 2021 (UTC).

Some of the features were already discussed in the Golden Week Feh Channel, but there’s also some new stuff.

Reserve Barracks

As featured in the Feh Channel, you’ll be able to store a total of 1000 Heroes using the new reserve barracks. There will be 10 reserve barracks, each with a maximum capacity of 100 Heroes. You can manage your reserve barracks via the Allies menu.

Move to Reserves: Use this to move up to 10 Heroes from your main barracks to the first reserve barracks with available space. You can also rename each of your reserve barracks.

Manage Groups: Lets you freely move your Heroes between your main barracks and all 10 reserve barracks. Again, you can select up to 10 Heroes at once.

Heroes sent to reserve barracks will unequip their Sacred Seals, Accessories and Pair Up partners. Also, they will lose their Summoner Support (although the wording is unclear if this is temporary or permanent).

Obviously, Heroes in reserve barracks cannot be added to teams. You also can’t change their skills/trait, turn them into combat manuals, send them home or change their favourite status.

Lastly, the base versions of Alfonse, Sharena and Anna can’t be sent to a reserve barracks.

My Summoner

Also discussed in the Feh Channel, the My Summoner will be receiving a couple of updates.

Weapons: Your Summoner can choose from 7 weapon types, instead of being stuck with one. These include Sword, Lance, Axe, Red Tome, Blue Tome, Green Tome and their original Colorless Tome. After changing their weapon, any incompatible skills will be removed.

Appearance: Two new Summoner designs will be available. You can also access the My Summoner settings by tapping your Summoner in the Home screen.

Aether Resort: By popular demand, you can select your Summoner as one of the Heroes who will populate the resort, so they can dance the night away etc.

Legendary Heroes Remix

Legendary Gunnthra and Ryoma will be receiving new skills ahead of their remix banner.

(For the text version of their new skill descriptions, please refer to the Feh Channel post.)

Combat Manuals

A new series of limited-time combat manuals can be redeemed using Divine Codes (Ephemera 5), given from events introduced after the update lands.

  • 5-star: Bride Sigrun and Ishtar
  • 4-star: Selena, Hana, Sothe, Nanna and Lena

Weapon Refinery

A whole bunch of Legendary weapons will be getting long-awaited refines!

  • Ragnell: Ike and Legendary Ike
  • Alondite: Black Knight and Zelgius
  • Rajinto: Ryoma and Legendary Ryoma
  • Siegfried: Xander
  • Gradivus: Camus and Fallen Hardin

Pawns of Loki

Save skills equipped by enemies will no longer trigger. Woohoo!

The number of turns for each tier will be reduced to 9. The score needed to obtain rewards will be adjusted to compensate.

The base score for the Advanced tier will be increased by 100.

Aether Raids

Bolt Tower (O and D) can be increased to Level 8

New songs for the resort’s Concert Hall:

  • “Wonderful Pirate” (Path of Radiance)
  • “Dark Clouds Gather” (Three Houses)

Mjolnir’s Strike

These were also touched on in the Feh Channel.

Auto-Create: Can be used from the Edit Teams menu to automatically create a high-scoring team for you.

Quests: New quests that award Divine Codes (Part 2) for defeating foes with your Summoner.

Also, the Ebon Summoner can be increased to Level 4.

Heroic Grails

These bad boys will be added to the Heroic Grails shop.

  • Solon: Church Shadow
  • Saleh: Vernal Sage

Feh Pass

For those who switch between iOS and Android devices, Feh Pass will soon be accessible with different operating systems while using the same save data.


The behavior of AI when Auto-Battle is enabled while there’s a Hero with the Pathfinder skill on the team will be fixed.

A visual bug involving the Select By Team filter in the Equip Skill Sets menu will be fixed.

The icon for Mythic Heroes that provide more team slots in Aether Raids and Mjolnir’s Strike will be updated to make it stand out more.

Finally, the Forging Bonds event banner will have a new colour palette for when the event is still active, but all the rewards have been claimed.

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