Heroes: Details for Version 5.6.0, Arriving 6/7th June 2021

Another new version update is coming to Fire Emblem Heroes! Version 5.6.0 is planned to release from 7th June (UTC) or 6th June (PST) 2021. You can check out all the details via the official webpage.

For your convenience, we’ll also cover all the new features/changes here.

Skills Display Update

A new “Best Skills” button will be added to the Hero skills screen. Pressing this will toggle between all the skills or just the last skills in a given series (eg. Wings of Mercy 3).

The button will be present in the following menus:

Allies menu

  • Individual Hero “Change Skills” and “Learn Skills” menus.
  • “Learn Skills” and “Inherit Skills” in the “Ally Growth” menu.
  • “Equip Skills” and “Edit/Equip Skill Sets” in the “Traits” or “Equipment” menu
  • The My Summoner “Copy Skills” menu in “Interact with Allies”

Skill List menu

  • The “Skill List” that is displayed when selecting a character on the Home screen, “Compile” menu, etc.


  • Skills that can only be equipped by the original unit (excluding weapon skills) will have the Best Skills of their prerequisite skills too. So Astra would appear alongisde Regnal Astra.
  • Special skills that can be inherited will not display prerequesite skills. So Bonfire would not display if the Hero has Blue Flame.
  • When multiple weapon skills only equippable by the original unit have been refined, only the refined versions of those skills will display. However, if weapons with different names have been refined, they will be treated separately and the original weapon will be displayed (eg. if you refine Eliwood’s Durandal into Blazing Durandal).

Combat Manuals

Events that start after the version update may grant Divine Codes (Ephemera 6), which can be exchanged for the following manuals:

5-star: Summer Helbindi and Summer Noire
4-star: Christmas Felix, Ilyana, Nino, New Year Keaton and Klein

Weapon Refinery

Five more Heroes will benefit from new weapon refinery options.

  • Vassal’s Blade: Karla
  • Muninn’s Egg: Spring Sharena
  • Skadi: Fallen Takumi
  • Hoarfrost Knife: Flora
  • Peshkatz: Sothe

Pawns of Loki

Tier 11 will be added. That’s all.

Aether Raids

The colour of the spaces that your team occupies at the beginning will be adjusted.

When the enemy’s attack range (red) overlaps with one of your starting spaces (green), that space will be easier to see.

The Bight Shrine (O and D versions) can be increased to Level 8.

Two new songs can be purchased from the Concert Hall in the Aether Resort.

  • “The Proud Commander” (Shadow Dragon)
  • “Past Light” (Fates)

Mjolnir’s Strike

The Shining Summoner can be increased to level 4.

Heroic Grails

The latest Grand Hero Battle and Tempest Trials rewards can be redeemed from the Grail shop.

  • Sonia: Inhuman Beauty
  • Innes: Frelian Moonlight


Certain story movies will be moved to YouTube:

  • Book II Opening
  • Book III Opening
  • Book IV Opening
  • Book IV Midpoint

After the update, the corresponding buttons in the “Story Maps” menu (and also the “Movies” menu under “FAQ/Etc.”) will take you to YouTube instead. Also, those videos will no longer play during the points they’d appear in the story.

“The presentation of certain elements in Frontline Phalanx will be adjusted.”

There will be some slight changes to “Equip Skill Sets”. Currently, there’s an issue where you can select your Mjolnir’s Strike Defense Team even if you’ve locked it, which the update will fix.

Finally, a part of the AI will be changed. When Auto-Battle is enabled or when your team is defending during Arena or Aether Raids, Heroes will move to positions where there’s a battle advantage when attacking opponents.

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