“Fire Emblem Roundtable Vol. 3” Casual Livestream Scheduled for 21st August (Japan)

A third installment in the Fire Emblem Roundtable YouTube series will be broadcast during 21st August 2021, from 18:00 to 20:00 (Japan time).

The previous Fire Emblem Roundtable took place near the beginning of this year. Soon afterwards, an English equivalent, Castle Conversations followed.

Like previous broadcasts, Chief Fehnix will be chatting to voice actors from the series. As always, there will be no new game-related information.

On this occasion, there will be two guests.

The first one to be revealed is Juri Kimura, who’s the Japanese voice actress for Nyx, Mozu and Feh.

Update: The second guest will be Nobunaga Shimazaki, the Japanese voice actor for male Corrin and Kana.

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