Heroes: Choose Your Legends 5 Tips, Uncanny Inquiries & Instagram Hi-jinks

With the arrival of the Choose Your Legends 5 winners, the Fire Emblem Heroes team has spared no expense showcasing the serious and silly sides of these Brave Heroes.

Firstly, if you’re undecided about which of the four Heroes to gun for, the Nintendo Treehouse gang has put together an informative Tips & Tricks video highlighting their unique abilities.

Next, over on Twitter, you can join in on a fun little adventure called Uncanny Inquiries, where you can send pairs of the Brave Heroes to investigate strange goings-on.

To participate, you’ll need a Twitter account. After clicking the link, you’ll begin a Direct Message conversation with the FE Heroes Twitter account (similar to last year’s Christmas card event), where you can choose your pairs and watch cute videos of them exploring.

Last but not least, if you have the Instagram app, a Gatekeeper AR filter is available from Nintendo of America’s Instagram. You can find it by pressing the “sparkle” icon above the posts.

It seems a “Summoner AR” filter will be added later as well.

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