Community Spotlight: Nacre Artbook, a Color Palette Character Study (preorders open until Sept 13)

Across social media, you may have seen a project or two from the Fire Emblem fanbase showing off cool creations like bookmarks, -zines, acrylic charms and more. Fans certainly are capable of creating projects with cool themes and unique elements! One such project happened across my desk recently, and it definitely met both of those criteria, and I’m here to share it with you; the Fire Emblem Three Houses Color Zine, Nacre.

Nacre boasts a theme of limited color palette character studies, by simulating a color wheel within its pages. It’s not every day that you see art in a fan-zine sorted and grouped by color, but this idea immediately caught my eye, and I hope it catches yours as well.

The project itself can be viewed at their BigCartel page and, what’s more, preorders for this zine are open until September 13. Additionally, their social media options include Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram.

There are three options for purchase; the straight digital book [PDF] (for $25) the Book Bundle (for $35, and includes the PDF, as well as an artbook and a bookplate), and the Full Bundle (for $50, and includes the Book Bundle contents, plus washi tape and a charm).

Additionally, two stretch goals were met, allowing the inclusion of a holographic cover and a gorgeous enamel Sothis pin. Regardless of what you order, it’s expected that you will have something in-hand by the end of November!

I did have a chance to get a little more info about the project and its creators from the head of the group, Nerinea, and here’s what they had to say:

  • Elieson: What inspired this project to exist in the first place? Origin stories are amongst my favorite parts of these projects, and I’m really curious as to what started this up.
  • Nerinea: As visual artists, both mods enjoy the yearly “Huevember” art challenges and we thought how beautiful such a collection of artwork would look in a physical art book. We also immediately knew we wanted to incorporate holographic foil in our book and merch so that we had actual iridescence accompanying iridescence we’ll create with the book’s pages. The book’s title comes from mother of pearl, because the iridescence reminded us of the scaling of the Immaculate One, and because mother of pearl was an important medium for art in Medieval Europe. And so that’s where the inspiration for the branding came from.
  • E: I see you’ve got team contributions from people that have worked on projects like the FE Tea Houses team. How long have you (assuming you’re the lead of this project) been involved with community art projects like this? If this is your first, it sure is a good looking one for a debut project!
  • N: Thank you for the sweet comments, but both mods have been present in the fanzine scene for a while now. I (Nerinea) have been involved in the Fire Emblem fanzine scene for about three years now. I started as an artist and debuted as an organizer (Mod) with the Academy Emblem project in 2019-2020. Since then I was part of the mod team behind The Immaculate One: a Rhea fanzine, and nowadays I am also working on Genshin Impact fanzine projects. Likewise, Soojin (the other Mod) was the graphic design and shipping mod for Fire Emblem: Tea Houses (2019-present), and has been participating as an artist and graphic designer in a number of other fanzines in the past. It’s truly been an honor to help curate groups of such talented artists and see these projects come to life!

And for a final little plug, Nerinea and Soojin do have another Fire Emblem zine project that they’re contributing towards (it’s also in the pre-order stages), called Les Revenants (@AwaFatesHorror on Twitter). This project is for Awakening and Fates lovers who like spooky horror themes and aesthetics.

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