Heroes: Details for Version 5.10.0, Arriving 5~6th October

We have another monthly update for Fire Emblem Heroes coming soon. Version 5.10.0 is scheduled for release on 5th or 6th October 2021, depending on your timezone.

Of note, there are various improvements to the Heroes Journey mode, whose second event recently ended.

Heroes Journey

A new “Available Memento Events” button will be added. It’ll allow players to choose and view any Memento Event by consuming a new item called Memory Fragments, but only up to 3 times.

Memory Fragments can be obtained after getting a repeat Memento Event when spending Memento Points. The number of fragments given will be the same as the Rapport of the repeat event (so 4 fragments for a 4 Rapport event).

20 Memory Fragments are required to choose a Memento Event. Up to 60 fragments can be earned per Heroes Journey event. When the event ends, all unspent fragments will disappear.

When choosing a Memento Event using fragments, it’s possible to select from all types and Rapport. You may even choose Memento Events from previous seasons. Events unlocked using fragments will be recorded in the Memento Logs like usual.

Additionally, when the Heroes Journey event is not active, you can review your Memento Logs and successful pairs.

Furthermore, new Memento Events will be added. From the screenshot shown (further up), they will be from “Archive of the East.”

Finally, there will be a Home Screen notification for Heroes Journey when it’s on-going (which you can disable). Plus the “Memento Event” button will be easier to recognise.

Weapon Refinery

Five more Heroes will benefit from updated weapon skills.

New weapon skills (and refines)

  • Soleil’s Shine – Soleil

New weapon refines

  • Laevatein – Laevatein (Hero)
  • Missiletainn – Owain
  • Loptous – Julius
  • Múspell Fireposy – Bride Tharja

Combat Manuals

Events introduced after the version update will award Divine Codes (Ephemera 10), which can be exchanged for the following limited-time manuals:

  • 5-star: Halloween L’Arachel and Halloween Kagero
  • 4-star: Miranda, Mordecai, Young Innes, Felicia and Mercedes

Aether Raids

The Panic Manor (O and D) can be upgraded to Level 9.

New songs will be available from the Aether Resort Concert Hall:

  • “Odd Folk” (New Mystery of the Emblem)
  • “Desire Below” (Fates)

Mjolnir’s Strike

The Emblian Seal can be upgraded to Level 5.

Heroic Grails

The latest two freebie Heroes will be available from the Grails shop:

  • Pirate Lifis (Tempest Trials)
  • Pelleas (Grand Hero Battle)


The AI of Legendary Micaiah will be adjusted so she uses Maiden’s Solace (Assist skill) during auto-battle or when on a defensive team if an ally is affected by a penalty and has yet to move. (Currently she does not.)

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