Fire Emblem Heroes: Character Illustrations Vol. 1 (art book) releases in Japan on December 24!

Heroes is getting the full-fledged art book treatment, and soon!

The secret’s out: next month on December 24th, a new art book for Fire Emblem Heroes will be released in Japan! The official title for the book is known as Fire Emblem Heroes: Character Illustrations Vol. 1.

The cover art for the new Heroes art book, prominently featuring the lead hero of the game, Alfonse

Officially licensed by Nintendo, the A4-sized 624-page art book is being handled by ambit (publisher of Nintendo Dream magazine in Japan), and is to be sold at a suggested price of 5,280 yen.

According to the given descriptor for the book’s contents, it’ll contain an overview of the game’s storyline, including the history of the Askr and Embla kingdoms and what’s happened so far in the main story up to Book III.

In addition, readers can look forward to digesting artworks ranging from key visuals, background illustrations, concept designs, and artworks for 453 of the Heroes (playable characters) found in the game.

Publisher ambit also prefaces its introduction to the book on Twitter by mentioning it’s coming ahead of the fifth anniversary of Heroes this February, so we figure the occasion explains the decision for the book’s publication.

As the name of the book and its contents suggest, we can probably expect a Volume 2 follow-up at some point in the future. As it currently stands though, the scope of the existing Volume 1 seems pretty rich and looks to be worth the price.

The book is currently announced only for Japan, but it can be imported via Amazon Japan and other vendors like AmiAmi when available.

About the Author: Prince of Iris
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