Heroes: Next Feh Channel Arriving 6th* December & Holiday Chibi Playhouse

Summoners, it’s almost time! The next Feh Channel is scheduled for 12 am on 6th December 2021 (UTC). Or if you’d prefer, 4 pm on 5th December (PST) or 9 am on 6th December (JST).

If it follows the pattern of previous years, you can expect this Feh Channel to reveal the initial contents for Book VI, including the next group of new Heroes.

While you’re waiting, the Fire Emblem Heroes team has an early Christmas gift for you!

Holiday – Chibi Playhouse is a cutesy animation that focuses on Veronica’s life in the (almost) 5 years since Fire Emblem Heroes began. Similar to the Chibi Playhouse from earlier in the year, some (or a lot of) creative liberties were taken.

Speaking of, in February, Fire Emblem Heroes will be celebrating its milestone 5th anniversary. Interestingly, the Japanese tweet for the Holiday Chibi Playhouse alludes to this. Additionally, we’re getting a series of artbooks for the game as a tie-in of sorts.

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