Heroes: Info for Version 6.2.0, Arriving 6~7th February 2022

We have additional details for the next Fire Emblem Heroes version update, Version 6.2.0, scheduled for 6th or 7th February 2022, depending on your timezone.

During the 5th anniversary Feh Channel, they shared many details for this version update. However, they did skip a few things, such as the new weapon refines, etc.

Weapon Refinery

The following Heroes will receive new weapon skills and/or upgrade options…

New weapon skills (and refines)

  • Tome of Reason – Lugh
  • Bow of Verdane – Jamke
  • Hurricane Dagger – Legault

New weapon refines

  • Gjöll – Hríd
  • Book of Dreams – Dream Camilla
  • Festive Siegmund – Christmas Ephraim
  • Lyfjaberg – Eir

Combat Manuals

Events added after Version 6.2.0 will award Divine Codes (Ephemera 2), which you exchange for the following…

  • 5-star: Valentine’s Mist and Valentine’s Faye
  • 4-star: Stahl, male Morgan, Tatiana, Pirate Lifis and Maria

Summoner Duels S.

Another Summoner Duels event is coming soon. Summoner Duels S. (short for Survival) functions similarly to Summoner Duels R. You can battle to earn Glory until you lose three times and the main rules are the same.

The key difference is that you must build a regiment made of 4 teams, each consisting of 5 Heroes (so a total of 20). These Heroes must have unique names + epithet. Each team may only have one Hero with Sing/Dance and one Hero with the Savior skill.

When you’re matched with an opponent, each side will veto two of the opponent’s four teams. Vetoed teams cannot be used during the match. The opposing side cannot see stats or Captain Skills at this point. After both sides have vetoed, they will choose one of their remaining two teams to send out.

The other thing to note: To enter, you must have the Fighter Badge, earned from reaching Favor Level 225.

Summoner Duels S will have separate Glory and Tier from Summoner Duels R. The first Summoner Duels S event will begin on 17th February 2022 (UTC). For this first event, all players who enter will receive the top rewards, regardless of Tier and Rank.

Summoning Event Changes

Certain Special Hero Revival events will have a new 4-star SH Special Rate, with an initial appearance rate of 3%. Heroes from the 4-star Special category include all the Special Heroes from the 2019 Hot-Springs summoning event and earlier.

The first Special Hero Revival with this new category will be the “Love Abounds” revival on 21st February 2022 (UTC).

An extra 25 5-star Heroes will be added to the selection of Heroes who appear in Weekly Revival summoning events. These are New Heroes added between March 2019 and August 2019. Outside of these Weekly Revivals, those 25 Heroes will no longer be summoned from the 5-star category, instead appearing in the 4-star Special category.

Legendary Remix summoning events will be expanded to include Mythic Heroes. These 6 Legendary and Mythic Heroes will no longer show up in regular Legendary/Mythic summoning events…

  • Eir
  • Duma
  • Legendary Roy
  • Yune
  • Legendary Alm
  • Naga

The first Legendary and Mythic Remix event will occur on 12th February 2022 (UTC).

Legendary and Mythic Heroes

Legendary Hríd and Mythic Eir will be receiving new skills.

Hríd: Icy Blade

  • B: Freezing Seal II – At start of turn, inflicts Atk/Def-7 and [Guard] on foes on the enemy team with the lowest Res and any foe within 2 spaces of those foes through their next actions.
    This skill can only be equipped by its original unit.
  • C: Atk/Def Menace

Eir: Merciful Death

  • A: Atk/Res Unity
  • C: Sparkling Boost+ – At start of turn, restores 20 HP to ally that has been dealt the most damage. (Excludes unit.) At start of any ally’s combat, if ally’s HP ≥ 50%, grants Res+5 to ally during combat. (Excludes unit.)
    This skill can only be equipped by its original unit.

Heroes Journey

New Memento Events are being added. That’s all we know.

Aether Raids

The Bright Shrine (O and D versions) can be upgraded to Level 9.

New songs will be added to the Aether Resort Concert Hall:

  • “Before Battle” (New Mystery of the Emblem)
  • “Melancholy Wyvern Generals Theme” (The Binding Blade)

New maps, based on Book IV, will be added with the season beginning 8th February 2022 (UTC).

Mjölnir’s Strike

The Summoner Aflame can be upgraded to Level 5.

Heroic Grails

The following freebie Heroes can be purchased from the Heroic Grails shop…

  • Yen’fay (GHB)
  • Christmas Ignatz (TT)
  • New Year’s Kyza (TT)


Your Favor Level during Summoner Duels can be increased to 1,600.

10 new Arena maps will be added with the season beginning 8th February 2022 (UTC).


The Hero Merit cap will be increased from 7,000 to 8,000.

Summoner Duel S teams will be added to the team menus in “Edit Special Teams” and “Equip Skill Sets”.

Neimi’s Rapid-Crier Bow will have its description corrected.

The combat forecast will be fixed for certain situations involving Elm (enemy).

When a device is set to dark mode, the Notifications will display in dark mode.

Notice for Android Users

After Version 6.2.0, Fire Emblem Heroes will require Android 6.0 or higher to play.

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