Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes Announced, Releasing 24th June 2022

In today’s Nintendo Direct, we started with a bombshell: Fire Emblem is getting a second Musou (Warriors) game. Seeing as Koei Tecmo did assist with making Three Houses, it’ll be quite the graceful spin from Fire Emblem fare to Warriors fare.

With Age of Calamity‘s massive success for Zelda, not to mention modest success for the original Fire Emblem Warriors, KT and Nintendo saw fit to give us a Three Houses Warriors in a similar vein.

Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes releases on 24th June 2022 globally. It can be pre-ordered from the eShop right now.

The game weighs at 15.6 GB. Various text languages are included* and there will be English and Japanese dual audio. There is 2 player multi-player (requires 1 Joy-Con each). The Switch Pro Controller is supported.

* German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean and Chinese (Simplified and Traditional). Some languages aren’t available in the physical release (maybe they need to be downloaded?).

Digital editions of the game come with an “Owl Perch” bonus. An owl will appear in your personal quarters; talking to it will give you an Owl Feather, used for gaining support points with allies. This is not included with the physical edition, but may be offered for purchase later on (as DLC).

Japan and Europe, at least, will be receiving limited edition bundles. Both include the game itself, an artbook, tapestry map, set of 5 acrylic figures and a character postcard set.

More details on the Japanese side of things can be found on the game’s official website.

Please continue for our analysis of the trailer.

From what we’ve seen so far, the game looks like a retelling of the original game’s plot, but along a unique path. Most likely it’ll be an alternate route from any of the four routes of Three Houses.

Edelgard mentions “seizing her fate”, while Claude mentions “not making the same mistakes”. Is the story going to involve learning about the route splits in universe? Or is this just wild speculation.

Dimitri’s and Edelgard’s designs, among others, is significantly different. Hubert even seems to have a different design.

Hilda can also be caught in a scene between Claude and Dimitri fighting. But only for a brief moment, with a newer design wielding Freikugel.

This stands to reason that any returning characters will get a new design, which is super exciting!

There is a map for battles and returning to base. Seemingly similar to Age of Calamity‘s overworld map, but possibly with the inclusion of the Monastery. Considering Koei-Tecmo did a lot of the heavy lifting already with Three Houses, why not use the assets available to you?

The Dynasty and Samurai Warriors Empire games have an overworld where you had to conquer territory. However I don’t think it’ll go in quite that direction, but I could be wrong.

At the very least, the Monastery (or a smaller version of) it is hinted at with the Owl Perch bonus, where it mentions your “personal quarters”.

Gameplay looks like fairly standard Warriors fare so far, but it’s likely Three Houses mechanics will find their way into it. Fighting the demonic beasts looks not too unlike fighting giant enemies in the two Zelda Musous.

Pair up is likely gone, since it’s not a major feature of Three Houses and this is a primarily Three Houses game. But this is just a hunch.

Crests are seen in gameplay like in Three Houses itself. How they activate isn’t clear. But considering Edelgard’s activates during a specific move in her attack chain, maybe it’s linked to certain attacks? It wouldn’t be too unlike certain Dynasty Warriors titles where characters had unique EX moves with particular weapons.

Something interesting to note as well is that Edelgard does not have her crest weapon, nor is Byleth shown with the Sword of the Creator. This is most suggestive with Edelgard since she got hers from Those Who Slither in the Dark in the original storyline.

Curiously, her axe has the crest of Seiros. Under normal circumstances, you’d think Edelgard of all people would refrain from touching anything to do with Seiros.

There is also something else to note. During some gameplay, there is a meter below Dimitri and Claude’s Musou (read super bar) gauges that seem tied to weapon or class. The function of which is not shown in the trailer.

It clear shows a Lance for Dimitri, but a Fireball for Claude, which led me to believe it might be class based. Claude is shown riding his wyvern later (this screen is when he’s mounted) he’s not mounted, and the gauge is fully gone. Not even a trace left.

Update: Perhaps they could be Gambits? For Claude, the Blaze Gambit does come to mind. Meanwhile Dimitri’s could be Group Lance Attack or some such.

Sothis narrates through a chunk of the trailer, especially towards the end, talking about revenge while Byleth is shown fighting a new character. Who happens to share the cover with her. There are flashes to Jeralt in the rain (which interestingly enough, he was slain prior to rainfall in the OG game).

Some speculation i’ve seen so far is that the game deviates from that point (Jeralt’s death). Including some speculation on the time skip simply not happening due to Byleth’s presence. Or Sothis involving herself more readily.

A woman who looks like Monica can be seen in the trailer as well. What her role could possibly be, it’s far too early to tell.

Update: Nearly forgot, Judith and Randolph (NPCs/enemies from Three Houses) appear as Edelgard and Dimitri’s opponents. So expect to see plenty of familiar faces.

Outside the trailer, the Japanese website includes some interesting tidbits.

There is a save data bonus for playing the two Switch FE games: Three Houses and Fire Emblem Warriors. You will get a one-time gift of gold and/or items.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, amiibo are featured. Similar to the first Fire Emblem Warriors, you can scan amiibo to obtain items. FE amiibos will have better chances of getting good items. You can scan one particular amiibo per day and up to 5 different amiibo per day.

That’s all for now. Do let us know in the comments if you’ve noticed anything else that stood out!

Below is a gallery of official artwork and screenshots. Special thanks to Nintendo Everything for sharing.

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