Three Hopes: New Tidbits from Famitsu (5th May Issue)

Before I begin, happy 32nd anniversary to Fire Emblem!

Through Famitsu we have some additional information on the upcoming Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes. Their latest issue covers the recent “Mysterious Mercenary” trailer, but offers extra insight.

BlackKite on Twitter has summed up the information, I will be piggybacking off his looks into the new content and giving my own thoughts.

Note: Most of the screenshots from Famitsu’s article are taken from the trailer. So we’ve done the same.

We begin with classes; each character in the game will have preferred classes and some will be exclusive to those characters. Shez, our new avatar will be the only character able to be a Fleugel (the dual wielding class).

Hubert prefers being a Dark Mage, Hilda a Brigand, and Dedue an Armored Knight for some key examples.

Update 2: To clarify, characters may have multiple preferred classes (as mentioned by BlackKite). Previously, we said they had a “preferred class” (singular). But in Japanese, they rarely distinguish between singular and plural forms. This would make sense because the game wouldn’t expect you to stick characters in their non-promoted classes.

Much like Three Houses and Fire Emblem Fates (along with the original Fire Emblem Warriors), characters will have personal skills. Some of these implement elements, like how Hubert uses darkness or Hilda uses lightning.

Hubert: Attacks have a chance of creating spikes (pictured left). These will explode, dealing dark damage.

Hilda: Can perform lightning charge attacks (pictured left). While charging, she can draw in enemies within a certain range.

Dedue: Can charge up power to unleash a devastating attack on foes (pictured left).

It’s unknown at this time how much elements will be spread around characters, but in Dynasty and Samurai Warriors games elemental attacks usually gave the user some benefit, like the ability to break blocks immediately, cause burns and various other effects.

The Armored Knight class can buff nearby allies defenses, which will probably come in use in any defensive oriented mission which some Warriors games put the players into.

Characters learn new combat arts and spells by raising their class level, however different characters will learn different ones even in the same classes.

Durability is seen again as a cost for using combat arts, but there is still no further details on the mechanic. Durability is very strange to have in a game of this style, and I wonder if it’s mostly to just prevent Combat Art spam.

Battalions will take damage every time the player is hit and if it’s reduced to zero the benefit that battalion gives will be completely removed.

Supports are confirmed, and they will give additional Adjutant stat buffs along with the usual conversations and the like.

Here’s a small screenshot of Shez and Claude performing a Partner Special via the Adjutant system. In the trailer, Claude was on foot, but he’s riding his wyvern here.

Clearing subquests will allow more opportunities for training sessions and interacting with characters at the base. This sounds similar to Activity Points in Three Houses.

Update: In the very first trailer, there’s an example of this shown (pictured above). Thanks to Vexal on Twitter for pointing this out.

There is a scene with Lorenz that shows characters can be sent to complete tasks, to earn money and build supports. Kind of like the bonding mechanics already seen in Three Houses when Byleth could pair students to do duties. Each character will be good at different tasks.

The scene with Mercedes and Dimitri shows that dining together is back from Three Houses, with the same effects–different meals giving certain benefits. But with a new additional bonus of raising morale that allows characters to deal more damage.

Morale is a mechanic in most Warriors games where, depending on the game, individual morale or the full army’s morale can affect stats and how competent your AI allies are.

Three Hopes uses an episode system. Clearing main quests advances the story-line, while subquests are optional but give benefits, not too unlike how Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity works.

Here’s a tiny screenshot of Anna. Doesn’t appear like she’s changed since Three Houses. It’s hard to tell, but she seems to be talking about her line of secret shops.

Finally, here’s a small screenshot of (who people have guessed) Holst and Duke Bergliez fighting. In the trailer, the scene doesn’t pause long enough to clearly see them. Sadly, this screenshot isn’t much better.

Update: Nevermind, there’s a better version included in the latest batch of press screenshots. Thanks to Nintendo Insider for sharing.

That’s all for now. There’s just over two months until Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes releases on 24th June 2022. So we’ll probably get more information sooner than later.

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