Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes: The Lions of Faerghus

Today Nintendo graced us with a new trailer for the upcoming Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes. Showing off the Blue Lions in full, with all of their new designs.

This basically soft confirms that, at the very least, the main three houses will have all of their students playable. Which there were some worries that this would not be the case.

After Dimitri and Dedue show their stuff one more time, we get into the new content.

Mercedes who we’ve seen in screenshots before, is seen casting various light magic raining literal beams of destruction upon her foes.

Next up is Ashe who shows off a more grounded archer moveset, which we’d seen bits of from Claude. But now we get to see the true mobility of archers even without a wyvern.

Koei Tecmo in several of the most recent Warriors games have made archer movesets incredibly overpowered and Three Hopes seems to not be an exception to that recent trend.

Archer movesets in older Warriors titles tended to be more restricted and didn’t launch multiple arrows in a spread like we see here, Samurai Warriors 5 and Age of Calamity. A trend that Dynasty Warriors 6 began in 2007 essentially.

He also seems to have a move where he can shoot into the air and a bigger shot rains down from the sky.

Next we see Felix who gets a bit more focus than the rest. His design seems to entirely take from his father Rodrigue, this has already led to speculation that Felix might have to take up his mantle even earlier than in Three Houses or it could be a simpler explanation.

He’s even wielding the Sword of Moralta in his brief scene with Shez before his dazzling fast swordplay is seen on screen which in Three Houses is obtained on the Azure Moon route from Rodrigue.

Felix can also be seen using his crest like Edelgard was shown in prior footage.

A side fun fact is that Felix’s personal skill in Three Houses; Lone Wolf originated in the original Fire Emblem Warriors as the skill of Navarre, now it’s likely going to be back in a Warriors title.

Felix also shows how he doesn’t need two swords in the Swordmaster class to still be insanely fast.

Next up is Annette (who already has fan art as of this writing wow.)

Her classes spells are more along the lines of how Robin, Tharja and Linde played in the original Fire Emblem Warriors by shooting orbs of light, with some added zest of focusing more on wind (along with fire) and swinging a Bolt Axe in some attacks.

There’s also a cute detail of being able to see her singing (little musical notes are around her during some attacks).

Next up is Sylvain (you can see the Lance of Ruin pulsating ew.)

Who shows off our cavalier move set having heavy sweeping strikes with some powerful stabs, also seems to be quite mobile but maybe not as much as say Xander in the original Fire Emblem Warriors, might be a choice of speedrunners if the move set is also good for boss clears.

Interesting note is that this is our first lance based cavalier moveset in the Fire Emblem Warriors sub-series. Due to lances being more just for Pegasus Knights in terms of mounted units in the original.

Ingrid is up afterwards showing off our Pegasus Knight moveset. Compared to the original Fire Emblem Warriors, it’s a bit different, but it’s also shown the least of any of the movesets. Ingrid also seems to have the ice element attached to her moveset as can be seen in a few glimpses. Not too much to say yet unfortunately.

With Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes just a mere six weeks away, we can expect the news to increase in quantity, I don’t imagine it’ll be too long before we see the Golden Deer and Black Eagles in similar video showcases.

For your convenience, here are all the portraits with their default expressions (plus Shez and Arval, since they’re also new). If you check the official Japanese website and click around, there are addition expressions too (two of them).

Which Lions redesign do you like most? Which redesign for the other two houses are you the most curious about? Let us know below.

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