Three Hopes: Character & Class Profiles from Twitter

Following the release of the Mysterious Mercenary trailer for Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes, the official Japanese Twitter account has been regularly tweeting commentary for the trailer.

Although most of the information is pretty straightforward and self-explanatory, there are a few interesting nuggets. Namely, they’ve recently shared profiles for some of the already shown characters and classes. (For the record, some of this info was already shared by Famitsu.)

Below are translations of those tweets.

Regarding the class profiles, the second half is likely referring to each character’s personal abilities. Judging by the information from Famitsu.

Also, we’ve repeated the protagonist’s and Arval’s profiles from a previous article, for convenience.

Protagonist (default name Shez)

VA: Tasuku Hatanaka & Miyu Tomita
A solitary mercenary. They sought to become a famed swordfighter, but faced Jeralt’s Mercenaries on a mission and was felled by the Ashen Demon. While training to seek revenge, they met the Officer’s Academy students in the woods.

Protagonist x Fleugel

Here are some action scenes featuring the protagonist’s exclusive class. Characterised by its nimble swordplay while dual wielding swords. The protagonist also has other hidden powers. Please look out for more details in the future.


VA: Mutsumi Tamura
A mysterious being that appeared in the protagonist’s dream. Rescued the protagonist before they were killed by the Ashen Demon and speaks to them as if living in their head. Occasionally acts as if something’s missing.


VA: Ai Kakuma
Princess of the Adrestian Empire and sole heir to the throne. Bound by shackles both within and beyond the empire, she seeks a future where she can escape her curse. Her noble and dignified appearance occasionally gives way to anxious feelings.

Edelgard x Armored Lord

Exclusive to Edelgard. Majestically swings its axe, as if dancing. Edelgard’s flame-clad attacks will set foes ablaze. When ablaze, enemies continuously suffer damage; they will explode if you keep pressing the attack.


VA: Katsuyuki Konishi
Heir to the aristocratic family of Marquis Vestra within the Adrestian Empire; he’s served as Edelgard’s vassal since a child. He shares her goals and will resort to any means to fulfill them. Appears cool-headed, but passion burns deep in his heart.

Hubert x Dark Mage

One of Hubert’s preferred classes. Attacks foes primarily with dark magic. Enemies hit by Hubert will be embedded with a spike. Players can detonate these spikes at their discretion, causing a dark element explosion in the surrounding area.


VA: Kaito Ishikawa
Prince of the holy kingdom of Faerghus. To succeed the throne, he enrolls in the Officer’s Academy, although he has other motives. He’s brave and honest, willing to sacrifice himself for others, even going as far as drowning his own kindness if needed.

Dimitri x High Lord

A class exclusive to Dimitri. Wields a lance as long as his body. Dimitri’s attacks are attuned to Thunder and can shock enemies. Shocked enemies can be knocked back, causing them to discharge and damage the vicinity, allowing the shocked status to spread.


VA: Hidenori Takahashi
A commoner from the Duscur region; Dimitri’s attendant. Often misunderstood because of his intimidating face and quietness, but he’s a gentle soul. Loyal to Dimitri and strives to be by his side, but he’s worried that his liege is trying to shoulder too many burdens.

Dedue x Armored Knight

One of Dedue’s preferred classes. In addition to axe and shield attacks, it has an ability that can reduce damage to allies within range by a certain amount. Dedue can also charge up to unleash an explosive attack; this causes knock back in a wide area.


VA: Toshiyuki Toyonaga
Heir to House Riegan, which rules over the league of nobles–the Leicester Alliance. Approaches everyone with a friendly smile, but his aloofness shrouds his inner thoughts. Rarely divulges his past; seems to harbour a secret related to his birth.
(Editor’s note: These profiles are seemingly based on Three Houses. So the “secret” is likely referring to a secret from that game.)

Claude x Wyvern Master

A class exclusive to Claude. Shooting a bow while riding a wyvern, he taunts foes with acrobatic attacks. Claude’s Wind-attuned attacks inflict the shredded status. When shredded foes are hit, a blade of wind is produced, slashing other foes within range.


VA: Yūki Kuwahara
Noblewoman from the duchy of Goneril within the Leicester Alliance; sister of the mighty general Holst. Lazy and frequently spoiled by others. But sometimes works hard to assist Claude, who strives to maintain the alliance as Fódlan enters a turbulent era.

Hilda x Brigand

One of Hilda’s preferred classes. Deftly swings a large axe, delivering swift yet powerful blows. Also, Hilda can unleash Thunder-attuned charged attacks. While she’s charging up energy, she’ll also draw in surrounding foes.

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