Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes – The Eagles of Adrestia

Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes continues to drop information, and this week begins with a showcase of the Black Eagles. In a similar format to the Blue Lions trailer we got last week.

Imperial Forces Attack!

Edelgard begins the trailer blitzing several enemy soldiers with fiery attacks that scorch the ground. This looks to be her Musou (read Super) attack. It finishes with a wild-looking flame tornado.

I am yours to command!

Hubert shows off some more of his dark magic, which causes dark arrows to rain down in a straight line. The second part is a demonstration of Hubert’s personal skill: his spells have a chance of piercing foes with spikes. Afterwards, Hubert can detonate the spikes at will.

Even the most beautiful rose has thorns. Have you realized that yet?

Next is Dorothea who is presumably using the Mage class, with several differences from Annette.

A running theory currently is that characters’ preferred classes allow for unique attacks in that class for that character. We’ve seen that characters have skills that include all kind of effects (eg. Ashe can generate a wind field that traps enemies in the air, Hilda can charge up attacks while drawing in foes). So there’s likely quite a bit mages can do even with similar base kits.

Her big attack seems to include using music and meteors in a devastating combo. You can also see Thoron included in her showcase.

No one is going to call me Bernie bear again!

Bernadetta is next, showcasing more archer techniques, including an interesting looking AoE stun, which will be pictured below. Her personality is really well reflected in her animations in general.

Stop! Bernadetta time.

Is this a skill? An archer move? A Bernadetta unique move? We don’t know yet. It certainly looks useful for just stunning enemies in place though.

I am Ferdinand Von Aegir. Have at you!

Ferdinand is next, getting a neat little introduction cinematic similar to Felix in the Lions trailer.

There is a shot of him as a Holy Knight, but we mostly see him as a Cavalier; nothing too different from Sylvain’s showcase besides the Holy Knight bit. Cavalier looks nuts for mobility still, and could be a good option for clearing maps very quickly. Although whether it can also defeat bosses quickly is still unclear.

The Holy Knight screen will be below. It seems to show a golden charge of sorts.

Holy Knight Von Aegir

Correction: In the second instance, Ferdinand is in the Holy Knight class, not Paladin. The two classes look similar at first glance, so it’s easy to mix them up. Thanks to TipperTheScales for pointing this out.

A friend of mine also pointed out something from the original trailer.

Nothing can stop me! Well unless you bring my father to the fight…

Caspar is next, rocking an axe and some spinning techniques that GBA Fire Emblem characters would be proud of. Along with bringing some of his brawler moves on showcase? Granted he does come with several gauntlets on him. A shoulder check followed by a massive one inch punch. Probably his Musou attack.

In the name of Brigid!

Petra seemingly shows off the Thief class which we haven’t seen to this point, dual wielding a dagger and sword. Which also seems to include occasional bow techniques. She’s dazzlingly fast, dashing and spinning through enemies like butter.

Just a neat detail I always like is when characters dual wield with a short and long blade. Petra also seems to have a wind-based dash, which might just be the Thief dodge or something Petra has access to.

I wish our enemy was as disinterested in this fight as I am…

Linhardt closes us out, with devastating light magic, which seems to include a lot of light orbs, along with some wind bursts that he can summon near himself for additional spread fire. Linhardt’s attacks seems to cover a lot of ground while having to do little himself. Very fitting.

With how the previous week went, we can expect character profiles every day (which we translate on Twitter and, later, compile here). When they get those out, we should be getting the Golden Deer next week around this same time.

Before we go, here are all the new Black Eagle portraits:

Note: You can view 2 alternate expressions for each character via the Japanese official website, if you click around.

Which Black Eagle Three Hopes design is your favorite? What do you hope out of the Golden Deer designs?

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