Three Hopes: Black Eagles Character & Class Profiles via Twitter

Once again, we have more character and class profiles shared by the official Japanese Twitter account for Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes.

If you missed the earlier profiles, please check here.

If the pattern continues, we should get a trailer for the next batch of characters (Golden Deer?) tomorrow.

Note: Like before, the class profiles appear to describe each character’s personal skill when it says “[character] also”, or along those lines.


VA: Juri Nagatsuma
A commoner born in the imperial capital, Enbarr. Songstress from the Mittelfrank opera company; she idolises Manuela, her senior.
Friendly to all and actively dates to secure her future, but avoids certain nobles due to experiences during her songstress days.


One of Dorothea’s preferred classes.
Mages are characterised by their magic-based elemental attacks.
Dorothea can also create musical orbs around her. By attacking these musical orbs, you can cause explosions of various elements!


VA: Taito Ban
Heir to the prestigious family of Duke Aegir, which has borne generations of imperial chancellors.
Confident and hates to lose; he takes great pride in his family and lofty, noble way of life, but unexpected pitfalls may lie in wait for him.

Holy Knight

One of Ferdinand’s preferred classes.
In addition to lances, can wield magic.
Ferdinand’s attacking speed also increases with the number of hits in an attack. You can shower foes with an one-sided onslaught! Mounted classes can also fight while dismounted.


VA: Ayumi Tsuji
Heir to Count Varley, who rules the empire’s Ministry of Religion.
Extremely shy and introverted due to childhood trauma.
Tries to live without interacting with others; in fact, she has many hobbies such as sewing, poetry, cooking and musical instruments.


One of Bernadetta’s preferred classes.
Bernadetta can create a field that freezes those who enter. In addition, the critical rate of her attacks is boosted while she’s inside the field. You can attack after retreating to a safe zone!


VA: Satoru Murakami
Second son of Count Bergliez, who rules the empire’s Ministry of Military Affairs.
Not in line of succession, so seeks renown via martial prowess, under the tutelage of his father–considered the empire’s best fighter.
Hates injustice; loves getting into fights.


One of Caspar’s preferred classes.
By striking their axe into the ground, they can raise the ground, launching nearby enemies towards them. Caspar can also charge up attacks to boost their might and attack range. Gather all the foes together to defeat them all at once!


VA: Shizuka Ishigami
Granddaughter to the King of Brigid, an archipelago located west from Fódlan.
Sent to the empire, which Brigid swears vassalage to, as proof of loyalty, but strives to one day undo their vassal relationship. Has difficulty with Fódlan’s spoken tongue.


One of Petra’s preferred classes.
Characterised by its swift swordplay and projectile attacks.
Also, Petra can dodge using a Wind-element dash attack. You can belittle foes with a combination of offence and defence!


VA: Shun Horie
Heir to Count Nevring of the imperial nobility.
Dislikes trouble and conflict; spends his time without a care in the world.
He’s smart with a keen interest in studying, especially Crestology, but has no desire to use his knowledge for the good of society.


One of Linhardt’s preferred classes.
Capable of a wide-area attack that inflicts afterglow on enemies. When the afterglow explodes, it deals extra damage and heals the user.
Linhardt can also create a Wind-element orb that follows him. The orb automatically attacks nearby foes and protects the player!

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