FE Warriors: Three Hopes – The Deer of the Alliance

It’s that time again! We’re looking at the Golden Deer this week for Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes.

Let’s get to it!

Claude’s showing in the trailer is very brief, just showing him shoot a storm of arrows. They seem to know we want to see the rest of the Deer’s new designs considering Hilda’s sequence is just about as short.

Come on follow me!

Hilda shows her devastating axe arm, and also shows off the ability her profile mentioned many weeks ago. She can drag enemies together with lightning to hit them all at once, which seems really useful if enemies are spread out or if archers are picking at you while you’re fighting others. Just to name two examples.

An example of her magnetic personality.
My muscles cannot be contained!

Next is the muscle of the Deer, Raphael showing us the Brawler class in action at long last, with several punches and kicks. It looks like you can hold the attack button to charge the various moves as well, as you can see him pause the animation in the attack string for longer than it should go. Weigh out if you need a faster attack or a harder hit and go for broke!

Raphael has played too much KOF 2003

His Musou attack sees him call down and use a giant pillar for a bludgeoning weapon, which is honestly amazing.

Let us open a path towards the future!

Lysithea is next, and is seemingly in a more unique mage class. I’m not sure if this is supposed to be Gremory or an ealier version of it (Warlock?), but the attack strings share absolutely nothing with Annette or Dorothea’s Mage classes seen in the previous two trailers. I’m convinced (currently) it’s its own class merging regular magic, light magic and dark magic all together or that it’s Gremory.

This is just awesome honestly.

Some of the attacks here look absolutely nuts from fields of ice to huge beams of light. I could go into theory-craft mode for a bit, but it’s just rather interesting. The character profiles should shed some light on this in a few days.

I will lead us to splendid victory!

Lorenz is next, and like Ferdinand before him, he shows off the Cavalier class briefly before going full on into the Dark Knight class, showcasing several horseback spells. Tornadoes, some small energy shots, dazzling lance work. All in a good days work for a noble.

Gust of Wind Dance!

In his brief cutscene appearance, he seems to be alongside Claude (you can see wyvern wings), probably in some dramatic fashion where they arrive to save the day.

We fought face to face, with honor.

Ignatz is next and shows off the Archer class for the third time, but like the previous two he’s got some unique tricks up his sleeve to make it interesting. He can seemingly shoot paint globs that can lock enemies into place after doing a massive sweeping shot, which could be an interesting alternative to Bernadetta’s freezing field.

It could be a safer alternative to Bernadetta’s, which gives her offensive benefits such as higher crit rate. Perhaps this allows Ignatz to keep his distance instead.

Every canvas is a journey all its own

Also his painterly personality is well shown here. I’m almost reminded of Ma Dai in Dynasty Warriors who fought with a big calligraphy brush. Or in Fate/Grand Order how a lot of Hokusai’s moves have paint/calligraphy effects, along with the obvious Ignatz got lost on the way to the local Splatoon tournament.

Goddess… Please protect us.

Marianne is next, and like Mercedes before her seems to be rocking the Priest class. Light orbs are abound with her throwing them around with a graceful air, interesting to note is that she still seems to have the bags under her eyes, indicating not enough time has passed since the school period for her to go through all of her development. Could this perhaps be Shez’s job this time?

She also seems to have an ability where some blue orbs fall around where she is located. How this works will be interesting to see.

Special guest star Dorte!

For her Musou attack, it seems to be a combination of light magic, ice shards and her trusty friend from the stables: Dorte! Players of Three Houses will probably remember the loyal friend of Marianne’s as she’s almost always around him during downtime.

I’ll use everything the Captain taught me and come out on top!

Ending this round is Leonie, showing off the cavalier class. It’s mobility is still insane looking as before. Although unfortunately she doesn’t really get to show off any seemingly unique skills, so hopefully the profiles will allude to any. I cannot really add anything I haven’t said prior with Sylvain.

And that covers the Golden Deer!

Here are all the new portraits for your perusal.

Again, you can poke around the Japanese website to view two alternate expressions for each.

Who had your favorite design this time around?

Remember to stay tuned, as we’ll be covering and translating every profile for the upcoming week on Twitter, along with whatever else is shown. I wouldn’t be surprised to see an “Other” characters trailer in the coming week, but I could also be very wrong.

We are less than a month away from the release of Three Hopes now, and the excitement is starting to get to me.

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