FEW Three Hopes: Golden Deer Character & Class Profiles via Twitter

It’s been another week, so we have more character and class profiles for Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes, via the official Japanese Twitter account.

If you missed the earlier profiles, please check here.

From here on, it’s difficult to guess what they’ll showcase next. Although, as Faerghast points out, we could be getting a demo soon

Update: There was no new trailer or demo at the expected time. Instead, the Twitter account has started tweeting new conversations from previously announced characters.


VA: Hiroshi Watanabe
Heir to Count Gloucester.
As a rival to House Riegan–leader of the Alliance, he regularly showcases the pride and responsibility of a mighty house that props up the Alliance. Also an avid socialiser, perhaps seeking a spouse, but has little to show for his efforts.

Dark Knight

One of Lorenz’s preferred classes.
A class that wields lances and magic.
Lorenz can also consume a unique gauge to negate enemy attacks. When the gauge is at max, you can create a whirlwind of roses to take down foes!


VA: Takaki Otomari
A commoner from Leicester.
His parents, both rich merchants, died in an accident, leaving behind his grandfather and sister who he treasures.
Aspires to be a knight to support his family. Loves nothing more than 3 meals a day and training his muscles.


One of Raphael’s preferred classes.
Can attack seamlessly, such as by attacking instantly after Combat Arts and being able to cancel the finish animation of attacks.
Raphael can also charge his attacks to boost their damage and make it easier to stagger foes!


VA: Aoi Yuki
Heir to the County of Ordelia, which sits on the Alliance’s round-table.
A young prodigy who’s adept in magic, but doesn’t brag about her talents nor neglect study.
Has a childish side that dislikes veggies, ghosts and being treated like a child.


One of Lysithea’s preferred classes.
Can annihilate large swathes of foes with magical attacks of various elements.
Also, foes knocked back by Lysithea can create a Dark-element explosion when they land. Foes inflicted with Heartseeker by Dark-element attacks can also be detonated!


VA: Shogo Yano
Second son of a big merchant family who Houses Riegan and Gloucester patron.
His big brother inherited the family business, so he joined the Officer’s Academy to seek another career. His parents want him to be a knight, but he prefers other things like scenic vistas and painting…


One of Ignatz’s preferred classes.
Foes knocked back by Ignatz will scatter paint on the ground, causing elemental damage based on the colour to foes that touch it.
As an Archer, he can even trap foes in fields of paint from a distance!


VA: Sawako Hata
Adopted daughter of Margrave Edmund.
She shuts herself from–and rarely gets involved with–other people. On the other hand, she enjoys speaking to birds and animals. She’s extremely devout and prays daily to the goddess, but deep down despises herself.


One of Marianne’s preferred classes.
Their afterglow-infused attacks have a wider range than a Priest’s and their range can be further extended by charging up.
Also, when Marianne’s hit count reaches a certain number, snowballs that cause Ice damage will rain around her!


VA: Sakura Nogawa
A hunter’s daughter from Sauin Village within the Alliance.
Aspired to become a mercenary when Jeralt’s Mercenaries visited her village as a child.
Studied under Jeralt and proclaims that she’s Jeralt’s number one apprentice. Friendly, but competitive and never lets up training.


One of Leonie’s preferred classes.
Leonie can seamlessly connect the finisher of a light attack string with the opener of the next light attack string.
Also, her attack speed and finisher damage is increased as she continues using light attacks!

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